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Don’t trash that spare tire just because the treads are worn. Put it to good use. Tossing a tire over your head (ala the Keg Toss in Strongman Competitions) is a great way to incorporate a lift that utilizes multiple muscle groups, including your hamstrings, glutes, hip flexors, entire back, front deltoids, and forearms. To begin the toss, squat down and grip the tire with both hands. Then, explode upward with your legs as you swing the tire forcefully overhead with your arms and shoulders.


If you suffer from cramping arches (Plantar Fasciitis), make sure you stretch your calves, and try pulling back your big toe to stretch the bottom of your foot while massaging the tight band that runs the length of your arch.


Buyers beware when it comes to buying medicine online. The Food and Drug Administration recently launched BeSafeRx: Know Your Online Pharmacy (, a national campaign to raise awareness about fake Internet pharmacies and their potential risk to consumer health. Rogue online pharmacies can be risky because they may sell fake, expired, contaminated, or non-FDA approved products.


If you’re looking for seasonal side dishes beyond sweet potatoes this Thanksgiving, whip up some winter squash. Butternut squash can be roasted with olive oil and spices, as well as made into a tasty soup. Spaghetti squash isn’t as sweet, but once halved and baked, its insides look just like spaghetti when raked out with a fork. It’s a great pasta alternative if you’re avoiding wheat or gluten.

Health Radar - November 2012

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