5 Minutes with BJ Penn

What’s the best thing about living in Hawaii?

The biggest draw would have to be the year-round 80-degree weather. It’s always a beautiful day here.

BJ PennWhat’s a typical day like for you right now?

I wake up, do some cardio, eat, watch some TV on the couch, train, eat, train again, eat, then sleep.

That’s a lot of training. What type of music gets you through a workout?

I like all kinds of music. Hawaiian, reggae, classic rock, oldies, and Top 40.

What’s your definition of an ultimate fighter?

Testing and improving your fighting abilities is your whole life. You have to be good, too.

Were you surprised to hear Rory MacDonald call you out?

I never get surprised any more when it comes to MMA.

As Georges St-Pierre’s prodigy, is there any added motivation to beat Rory?

Of course. I’d love to beat all the people who have beaten me, including GSP, but the real reason I really like this fight is because I know Canada is watching. The last time Canada’s attention was on one of my fights, I didn’t perform very well. I want them to see my potential.

How do you feel about the fight being moved from Toronto to Seattle?

I’d rather fight in Seattle because it’s much closer to Hawaii. There are a lot of people from Hawaii in Seattle, so I will be pumped to fight in front of them.

Where does a win over Rory put you in the welterweight division?

It all depends on how a fighter beats his opponent. I plan on winning in devastating fashion, so the outlook after the fight will be great.

What’s the process that the Volunteer Anti-Doping Association (VADA) will put you and Rory through?

VADA will test us eight weeks out until the fight. It began on October 13. From what I understand, they will test us randomly throughout the eight weeks. I really hope they test for every possible PED in the world. If I had my say, I would test all steroids, growth hormones, EPO, and all the other stuff that I don’t even know exists.

The UFC recently opened up a UFC/BJ Penn Gym. What kind of reception is it getting?

The BJ Penn UFC Gym in Hawaii is the biggest and best gym in the state. We are already moving forward and will open another one on the other side of Oahu.

How’s your website going?

BJPENN.COM has been an investment of mine for the past 10 years. It’s always been worked on by my family and very close family friends. We recently added the BJPENN.COM Radio show and a few other different things. The site keeps snowballing, and I’d like to thank everyone involved. BJPENN.COM is the only hybrid news site that has a big social media following that helps us compete with the big boys.

If you weren’t a fighter, what would you be doing?

I’d probably be a lawyer.

Counselor, we’ll see you in Seattle for UFC on Fox 5 on December 8.

You bet. Thanks

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