They Said That – Verbal Jambalaya

Pillow Fight
“The fact of the matter is, he [Michael Bisping] has pillows for fists. He hasn’t knocked anybody out, and he says he’s gonna knock me out? He hasn’t knocked anybody out. It’s going to be like a pillow fight when I fight him. He’s going to have pillows, and I’m going to have hammers.”
—Mark Munoz to Prime One Media.

Wicked Pissah
“Maybe I can give him [Mark Munoz] one of those pillows when he’s lying on the floor in a pile of piss and blood when I’m finished with him.”
-Michael Bisping to

Hostile Work Environment
“I’ve had people I worked with before that I didn’t get along with, but never to this extent. I don’t know what her [Ronda Rousey’s] reasoning was for it, but at one point, she just flipped a switch, and she just became this mega-bitch. For the rest of the season [TUF 18], it was just horrible having to deal with her.”
—Miesha Tate to Fox Sports 1’s Google Hangout.

Real Men of Genius
“It’s easy to sit back in your rocking chair, sip a beer, watch the replay, and then come back and make a call, but I think MMA is one of the hardest sports to referee of any sport.”
—Steve Mazzagatti to

Funky Gauntlet
“I don’t know that there are any challenges left in Bellator, so yeah, I think the only challenges for me are in the UFC.”
—Ben Askren to

Irish Ire
“@DiegoSanchezUFC You’re the fattest, sloppiest, slowest martial artist I’ve ever laid eyes on. I’d go up to 170 to whoop your fat ass. EASY.”
—Conor McGregor on Twitter.

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