Swiss Miss

Free spirited Swiss beauty Alexandra Lahey will watch fights, drink beer, and eat a steak, but don’t think for one second she doesn’t enjoy being a girl.


+ Word on the street is that you’ve been to a few no-holds-barred fights. What were some of the crazy things you saw?


We got there, first of all, they’re rushing everyone in this huge warehouse and you’re jumping over into the loading dock area. You pay a certain amount to get in—a flat fee, a high fee usually—but as much free alcohol as you can drink all night. You’re double-fisting. There’s a ring in the middle of the warehouse and all these fold-up chairs are around and people are standing up on the chairs screaming. At first you’re like, “Stop the fight!” You’re like freaking out. And at the end, you’re just tanked. “Go, go, go!” You don’t care anymore. I had a lot to drink, that’s for sure.


+ What’s your drink of choice?


I’m a big beer person, and I do like wine. Honestly, when it comes to beers, I like a lot of the imports. I’ve had a lot of German beers that I really like. I like the Costa Rican beer. I do like the whiskey, too. I’m half Irish—I blame it on that.


+ Where are you from?


I’m originally from Switzerland. I was born and raised there. My father was transferred when I was 14 years old, so that’s how we moved to the States, and I currently live in Atlanta.


+ What’s good in Switzerland?


Even in a place like Zurich, it’s very historic, very old buildings, just a beautiful city…but you can go from a cool Irish pub to a crazy club that has Euro music. Then you go to this pop area that has ‘80s music blasting. Then you go to this place that says “Shower Show,” and you’re like, “Oh my God, I’m not even gonna ask, but I’m tempted to go look.” It’s really funny. It goes from one extreme to the next.


+ What’s your favorite meal?


I’m so food oriented, you have no idea. I really enjoy sushi. And I’ve always been a sucker for Italian food.


+ What does it take for a guy to win you over?


A guy who’s hard working. It seems like it’s harder to find a guy who’s a man rather than just immature and a boy. There’s a difference between having fun and being childlike, because there’s a time and place for everything. There’re a lot of guys nowadays that don’t act like men. It’s just so sexy when a guy can just act like a man. I’m the girl, I’ll act like the girl. You be the man.


+ How do you win over men?


I have no idea. My clumsiness and my goofiness probably. And I’m a complete tomboy—guys tend to like that for some reason.


+ What fighters do you like to watch?


I really like watching Dan Hardy. And he’s pretty funny.


+ What’s your ideal day like?


Gym in the morning. Hang out, eat. Like I mentioned before, I’m very motivated by food. I really just like to chill at home and watch a movie. I have a membership at a climbing gym—go climbing at the end of the day. That’s always fun. It’s such a funny, different thing to do. Sit on the patio somewhere and have dinner, I don’t know, and come back and watch a movie like Dumb and Dumber.


What are some of your favorite dishes to make?


I like cooking steaks. I like making different salads with meat in them. I’ll make anything really. I’ll just change up recipes according to what I would like, and it works out cool.


+ Are you much of a fighter?


have brothers—I don’t fight fair.


+ What’s the worst pick up line you’ve ever heard?


The only thing he said to me was, “I have a plane.” I looked at him and I told him, “That’s supposed to make my clothes just drop? Good luck with a that one.” I understand there’s gonna be a lot of girls that are after that, but don’t assume everyone is like that.


+ What’s your philosophy on life?


Be happy. Have fun. I like to be free spirited and not get hung upon small things in life. Enjoy what you have, because it’s probably more than most people have.


+ Thanks for your time Alexandra. Keep in mind, FIGHT! has a huge plane.

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