Bennett Looking To Showcase His Growth On November 27th

(A victorious Bennett celebrates victory and parades his belt collection. Image courtesy of MMA Big Show)

Chris Bennett, 1-1 as a pro with an amateur record of 19-1, is one of the hottest prospects in American Mixed Martial Arts. He will return to action on November 27th, when he takes on Brian Karmolinski, an opponent he finished in the first round as an amateur. Karmolinski has since asked for the rematch and has been trash talking ‘The Samurai,’ even making a YouTube video about why the fight would go differently if the pair got it on again. In anticipation of this, when asked how excited he was for this, Bennett beamed,

“Very much so. I have already beat this kid once, and I am not usually one to talk before a fight but his trash talk has kind of given me a reason to want to end this fight in a devastating way.

“In the last fight, I TKOed him in the first, so I don’t know,” flowed Chris, now talking on whether he sees the fight going the same way as their first encounter. “I guess this time I’m going for the knockout. I only Sub guys when they give me the chance to, so I mean if he makes a mistake I won’t pass it up, but I see this being a stand up fight because of this talk. I am pretty good at keeping the fight where I want it but it’s a fight so anything can happen.”

Bennett insists training is going well, and is fired up by the comments of Karmolinski.

“It really does give me more motivation,” he asserted. “I like to prove people wrong, so I am working very hard. I training for this has really sky rocketed. I have never had the training I have now. I have Jim Kelly and Jake Johnston two Black Belts under Pedro Sauer as my Gracie Jiu Jitsu coaches, then Nathan Fitch and Rob Raford for Boxing, Muay Thai and a personal trainer for my strength and conditioning. So my game is really something new, and I’m very excited to show everyone my progress.”

Indeed, Chris isn’t planning to take the bout in any particular place and reckons he could win in any given area.

“I never have a game plan per-se, just an idea of how it can go,” he revealed. “But I pride myself on being very well rounded, so I am really just preparing for anything. If I had it my way, I will control the whole fight and keep it where I feel comfortable.”

For people who have never seen the 19-year old prodigy before, he gave an idea of what to expect.

“I’m a technical fighter who’s in great shape and is going to push the pace from start to finish,” said Bennett. “Like people say, I have two nick names, ‘The Samurai,’ and my new favourite, Chris ‘Don’t Blink” Bennett.”

Chris had a rocky start to his Pro career, getting submitted by American Top Team’s 5-1 Tony Sims, but he is adamant he turned Pro at the correct time. He noted,

“I’m sure I could have stayed a little longer but I felt I was ready. I am very well prepared now, more than I was for my first and second pro fight. I am just getting to the preparation point in my training so I am excited.

“I was a little down after my first fight, but I lost to a much more experienced fighter from American Top Team, so I’m not disappointed,” he flowed. “I fought a good fight; it just wasn’t my night. But yes, I am back on track and I don’t see myself losing for a long time. I train very hard and have the right attitude and heart for this sport. I hope to go far in my career.”

Indeed, Bennett reckons he’s come on ‘leaps and bounds’ since his debut in the paid ranks.

“My stand up is so much better thanks to my new coaches,” he professed. “I had a very mediocre stand up game before and I am a lot better now. My strength is also getting better and better. I am to the point where I am dropping people in practice which is new to me. My Jiu Jitsu is much better thanks to Gracie Jiu Jitsu.”

When asked if there was anything else he’d like to say, Bennett put forward that, “On November 27th, everyone is going to see an ever growing Chris Bennett. This sport is my life and I love what I do, so you’re going to see a kid just doing what he loves and lives to do.”

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