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Cody Garbrandt: All He Does is Fight (and Win)

With a victory on Oct. 4 in Canton, Ohio, at NAAFS: Rock N Rumble 8, Cody Garbrandt will find himself knocking on the UFC's door. A knife to the leg can change a person. Twenty-three-year-old professional bantamweight mixed martial…

Ramp Up Your Striking With These Three Simple Workouts.

One of the most important factors in your striking game is punching efficiency. Boxing instructor Jason Van Veldhuysen goes over three simple workouts to help you improve muscle memory and punch endurance so the techniques you learn and…

FIGHT!'s Annual POWER 20

Who made FIGHT!'s annual list as the Top 20 Power Players in the MMA world...and who missed the cut? We only had room for 20, and the new July issue has all the answers. Check it out on our NEW app, available for download now.