Abe Wagner's Ultimate Fighter Blog: Jensen Washed Himself Too Fast


Following each episode of The Ultimate Fighter Heavyweights, Team Rampage member Abe Wagner will share his thoughts on what happened on camera and behind the scenes.

The episode starts out with Mitrione complaining of shoulder pain and wanting cortisone shot for it. I think he was fortunate that Rashad was there to talk some sense into him. How much it was hurting is up for debate as he was pressing to fight next, so that wasn’t very congruent in my opinion. At this point it was starting to become obvious to me that Matt was “playing the game” and so I didn’t personally put much credence in his antics.

Then we cut to Wes Sims calling out Jensen for washing himself too fast (which is the nicest way I can think to put it.) This resulted in merciless teasing from what seemed like the whole house. I think if he had just fired back with some insulting response, that would have been the end of it and it probably wouldn’t have even made television.

I think James McSweeney hit it on the head when he said that’s how guys relate to each other is by giving each other shit. You have to fire back otherwise it shows weakness and much the same as a pack of wolves goes after the limping antelope at the back of the heard, guys will be ruthless when someone shows a sign of weakness like that…especially in an isolated social situation such as this one. File that under obvious foreshadowing.

Mitrione shadow boxing with his arm saran-wrapped was one of the funniest things I’ve seen so far that I hadn’t seen while I was there. It definitely looked like he took the short bus to practice that day. And jogging on the treadmill with his arm wrapped…there’s no way his shoulder was too sore to jog on a treadmill. Seriously. Apparently jogging is much harder on a shoulder than playing basketball. But he is getting his camera time out of it, so kudos to him on that.

Side note: he referenced He-man figures as an analogy for replacing his arm. Anybody who is/was a serious He-man guy knows that Ram-man and Battlecat, the only two he mentioned, are incidentally two of the only figures that don’t have removable arms. That’s Bush League. Come on!

The match was announced: Wren versus Sims. The weigh in, oddly enough was only the third most, let’s say “weird” thing, that I saw while I was there. So stay tuned for those other two moments for sure.

At first I thought that Wes’ experience would overwhelm Justin, but in retrospect, I think Justin hit the nail on the head when he said that Wes hadn’t evolved his game in the sport. The fight was over in short order. Little behind the scenes info: Wes was out for a long, long time before the fight got stopped. He told me he didn’t remember Herb Dean grabbing his hand a single time to check for consciousness. Herb grabbed it like three times, that’s a long time to be out. But true to form, Wes didn’t tap, he never does.

Yet again, Team Rashad coaches come to the aid of the fallen Team Rampage fighter as Rampage and crew look on. He can say “I’m not a coach,” but that maybe should have weighed in on his decision to be…a COACH…before deciding to take that position. Again, Rampage is a great guy, but the coaching was lacking throughout the experience.

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