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Quick Hits


Full of Garbage
“Anybody who accepts that [UFC fighters are overpaid] as a reality of the sport is sad and pathetic. I hope this isn’t the reality of the sport. If it is, I should probably go do something else, like empty trash cans. I’d make more money than I do now.” —Tim Kennedy on GrappleTalk Podcast

In the Immortal Words of…
“If I go in there the best I can be, I know I’d destroy GSP. When I come in against GSP, I’m going in to take the belt from him, I’m not going to play around with the world title on the line. I’m 110 percent confident, if I show up at my best, he does not stand a chance in hell against me.” —Matt Brown to bleacherreport.com

Prodigious Penn
“In my opinion, BJ Penn is number one [greatest fighter of all time].” —Anderson Silva on the pre-UFC 162 media conference call

No Reason to Worry
“I can’t worry about the belt. It’s really not my position to decide whether I keep it—because I’ve been injured—or whether Dana [White] takes it or whether[Renan] Barao has it. The belt is there. The bottom line is me getting healthy so I can go out there and do what I do best, which is prove why I am where I am today. I’m not here by accident.” —Dominick Cruz to MMA Prime

No Prize for 2nd
“They [Bellator] are never going to be as good as us. This is what we do 24 hours a day, seven days a week…That’s the difference between us and everybody else. Nobody’s ever going to outwork us or outhustle us. That’s just never going to happen. It’s impossible.” —Dana White to mmajunkie.com

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Namaste Outlaw
Bikram yoga, also known as “hot yoga,” is performed in a room heated to 105 degrees, with a humidity of 40 percent. This guarantees that you will sweat a lot as you perform the 26 postures in a typical class. UFC middleweight Dan Hardy burns more than 1000 calories (and loses more than seven pounds) per 90-minute session. Check out page 74 to see the “Outlaw” in action.

Shady Veggies
Suffering from chronic inflammation? Try cutting out a family of foods referred to as “nightshades” (members of the Solanaseae family), as they may be pro-inflammatory in some individuals. Nightshades include potatoes (not sweet potatoes), peppers (not black pepper, but all other types both sweet and spicy), tomatoes, and eggplant. Not everyone suffering from inflammatory issues is sensitive to nightshades, but a three-week hiatus from the veggies is a good test.

Garden Glutton
Miesha Tate’s favorite no-consequence post-fight meal: Olive Garden’s fettuccine Alfredo with garlic breadsticks (2): 1500 calories, 79g of fat.

Triumph of the Will
A new study in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior suggests that when athletes throw up their arms, clench their fists, and grimace after a win, they are displaying triumph through a gesture that is the same across cultures. This challenges previous research that labeled the gesture an expression of pride. The study proposes that expressions of triumph are a declaration of success, whereas expressions of pride stem from feeling good about yourself, which requires time for self-evaluation.

Recycle the Burn
Once thought to be the cause of muscle soreness, a new study in The Journal of Applied Physiology bolsters the growing concensus that your body actually uses lactate for fuel. While the majority of your energy still comes from blood glucose and muscle glycogen, roughly 1/3 of your carbohydrate energy comes from burning lactate. So what are you waiting for? Get in the gym and give some to get some.

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Photo by Justin Trapp Courtesy of Bad Boy

image descYou’re known for succinct
answers. Can we expect the same today?

Yes [laughing].

You have the biggest fight of your career coming up against Jon Jones at UFC 165 on September 21. It wasn’t clear you were going to get the next title shot after beating Shogun Rua. What did you think when you received the call?
It was a dream come true when I found out I was getting the fight. I couldn’t believe it. I really cannot express it in words how I felt. It was absolutely a dream come true. I’m living the dream. I’m super motivated, and I’m ready to go.

You’ve recently picked up your Twitter game and started coming after Jones over social media. How would you rate your Twitter skills these days?
They’re good. I was just trying to show a different side of myself and give fans a different look at Alexander Gustafsson. It’s a sport, but it’s also about putting on a show, and I just wanted to show I have some media skills, too.

Let’s talk about your home country of Sweden.
Perfect. My specialty.

I know the Italians have a lock on the meatball market, but the Swedish bring it hard in that category as well. Where do you stand on the issue?
[Laughing] Meatballs? Meatballs are great and very popular in Sweden. But I have to admit, I had some Italian meatballs the other day, and they were even better.

Are you playing both sides here?
I’m just saying…I like them both. The Swedish and Italian meatballs are different, but they both taste very good. I’m a fan of both.

While Swedish influence in MMA is growing, your country has already established dominance in America in the ready-to-assemble furniture market with IKEA. Are you a fan of the Swedish invasion IKEA has ignited?
It’s one of the biggest stores in Sweden, for sure. But just like Americans, I curse and cry when I put together their furniture [laughing]. But it is a great store.

In geography class in America, we learn about fjords. I’ve always questioned their actual existence, but rumor has it there are fjords in Sweden. Is there any truth to this phenomenon?
Yeah, we have fjords. It’s like a small river that runs between two mountains. They run down from the mountains and onto the landscapes in Sweden. Of course they are real.

We’ve watched you grow from prospect to title contender. What changes have you noticed about yourself along this journey?
I’ve learned that I need to work harder every day and never be satisfied. You can’t be too comfortable. I have to keep pushing myself to be a better fighter every step of the way.

With your height and size, is cutting weight difficult?
I cut weight easily, but all the foods I have to cut out of my diet are all the good ones.

Do your Euro-techno-dancing skills come in handy in the cage?
I don’t dance at all, but I do like listening to most music.

Are we going to have a new UFC Light Heavyweight Champion in September?

Very succinct.
You know it.

It’s been exactly two years since Kenda Perez graced the pages of FIGHT!, and believe us when we tell you, she missed us. Sure, we’ve been celebrating Kenda Perez Day on our own, but we had to check in to see how the Maxim “Hot 100” was doing as the host of The Best of Pride Fighting Championships on Fuel TV and Bleacher Report’s The Ultimate Show.

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Looks like you’ve been busy the last two years?
I’ve been traveling a lot, filming, doing shoots, all that fun stuff. We are in our third season of The Best of Pride. It’s all been filmed. I do some voiceover stuff in L.A. and Vegas, and we film The Ultimate Show every Monday in Orange County. So that keeps me busy.

Do you like voiceover or hosting better?
Well, I definitely love being on camera, and I like interacting. The Best of Pride is more of a formal show, a stick to the script kind of thing. With The Ultimate Show, we get to interact with fighters, visit their gyms, do little Twitter updates, and stuff like that. It’s a little more personal for me, and I really enjoy that.

image descWhy haven’t we seen a Kenda blooper reel yet?
I’m sure they have more than enough footage. I’m kind of glad they haven’t made one. When I get fighter’s names wrong, I’m known to have a potty mouth. They could probably make a rap video of my cussing.

Yeah, let’s autotune it. Is there a Kenda Perez R&B album coming out soon, Arianny style?
I’m definitely not trying to become a singer, but I do like to sing. Actually, just before you called me, I was singing Ciara.

Is that what you put on when family comes over, or do you go with classical?
I am very eclectic with music. I love everything—country, ‘80s music, heavy metal, rap, R&B, I like all of it. It pretty much depends on my mood and who I’m around. But I literally love all of it. Even country. I know everyone says they love everything except country, but I like country, too. I got that from my Dad.

Name five country artists that you listen to.
Randy Travis, who I think just had a stroke. Faith Hill. And then, of course…who else? You’re testing my music skills. I can only name two. Sorry, I wasn’t prepared.

Let’s go Inside the Actor’s Studio here. What’s your favorite curse word?
I say “fuck” a lot. Do you have a beeper to beep that out?

Nah, we’re a magazine, we leave ‘em in. Speaking of magazines, Maxim is up for sale for $20 million.
Oh wow, okay. Well, I do have that lying around. I’ll buy that.

image descHow does the “Kenda Perez Hotties Contest” sound to you?
To be the judge of these hotties, that’s a pretty important job. That’s stressful. I know thousands and thousands of girls submit their pictures every year, and there’s only a handful that actually get in. But I’m sure there’s somebody in that office that is enjoying every second of it. I love Maxim. Just this past year, they had their annual Maxim “Hot 100” where they rank all the celebrities, and we had a party in L.A., and I got to be a part of that this year. [Kenda placed 92, between In-N-Out Burger heiress Lynsi Torres and American Dreams’ Allison Williams].

What’s a characteristic about said “Hotties” that people wouldn’t expect?
I think a lot of people expect these gorgeous women to be really snobby and not cook and not be athletic, and I can’t speak for everybody, but that’s not necessarily true. A lot of them are down to earth and—as intimidated as you might be of them—very approachable. And some of them even have wife skills—cleaning, cooking, and they take pride in working out. I know people don’t normally associate that, people just think everything falls at their feet.

We know you hate to work out, or so you told us a couple of years ago. Do you have wife skills?
I have never had a maid, so I’m very adamant about cleaning my own house, because I feel like if I don’t do it, it’s not done right. Anybody that knows me, knows that the first thing I do when I come back from vacation is pull out my vacuum and Windex. I’m not saying I’m the best cook, but I’ve taken some classes to up my skills. 

So you say these “Hot 100” girls are approachable, how does one approach?
For a guy to approach an attractive girl that they might be intimidated by, some guys take themselves way too seriously, and they’re too focused on impressing a girl and what he’s going on for himself. I think that’s the worst approach ever. If a girl’s going to like you, she’s going to like you regardless. So for me, something that gets my attention is somebody who has a sense of humor and is funny and is willing to get turned down.

Is there a Mr. Kenda Perez at home these days, or are you somehow still on the market?
There is not a Mr. Kenda Perez. I have a little, furry Dexter around the house that keeps me pretty busy, but I’m single.

And by this you mean you have a dog named after the serial killer show?
He’s my lady-killer. When I walk around, I get a lot of attention from a lot of girls.

So that’s the secret to getting girls?
It never hurts.

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Toe Jam
Head trainer John Hackleman was the man behind Chuck Liddell’s famous painted toenails. He convinced Liddell to paint his nails a decade ago, but he can’t persuade pupils Court McGee or Glover Teixeira to follow suit.

Take On Me
In his unanimous-decision victory over Abel Trujillo at UFC 160, Khabib Nurmagomedov registered a UFC record 21 takedowns.

Losing Steam
With Miesha Tate stepping in for injured Cat Zingano against Ronda Rousey, it will mark the fourth time this year a fighter coming off a loss will fight for a UFC title.

Sweet Science
While waiting for Bellator Season Six Featherweight Tournament winner Daniel Straus to heal from a broken hand, Bellator Featherweight Champion Pat Curran is expected to make his pro boxing debut this summer.

Perfect Score
Four members of the 2008 U.S. Olympic Freestyle Wrestling team have a combined MMA record of 29-0—Daniel Cormier (12-0), Ben Askren (11-0), Henry Cejudo (4-0), and Steve Mocco (2-0).

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Good Night Sweet Prince
“It’s been a good eight years, I guess. The biggest thing I learned is when Dana White says retire, you should retire.”
— Forrest Griffin at the post-UFC 160 press conference

Straight Shooter
“Never have I thought, ‘I’m going to be sore tomorrow.’ Being injured, that just means another shot of whiskey to me.”
—Donald Cerrone to mmajunkie.com

Business Up Front, Party in the Back
“I have a long neck, and it helps to have some hair back there.”
—Mike Pyle to bleacherreport.com

Job Promotion
“It’s nice fighting for an organization that is promoting me instead of trying to hold me back and put me down.”
—Jon Fitch to bleacherreport.com

Mr. Tate
“Miesha [Tate] by herself isn’t that bad. Miesha in combination with her pet boyfriend, Mr. Tate, is frickin’ something else. She’s different when he’s around. I can’t stand him. I really feel like if she wasn’t with him, she would fight better and she would be a better person. He’s always glued to her hip, because if he’s not next to her, no one ever notices him.”
—Ronda Rousey to mmajunkie.com

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Masked Marauder
You can train like “The Natural Born Killer” and look like one too by donning an elevation training mask. While the mask doesn’t simulate the low pressure environment found at altitude, it has been shown to increase endurance by strengthening the diaphragm, and increasing overall lung capacity. In other words, restrict your air intake and breathe a little easier.

Unleash Your Wild Side
Wild rice isn’t rice at all. It’s actually a semi-aquatic grass species. Well liked for its chewy texture and nutty flavor, wild rice boasts more protein than brown or white rice and pairs well with chicken and fish.

Sinister Squeeze
According to a new study by the American Psychological Association, some athletes may improve their performance under pressure simply by squeezing a ball or clenching their left hand before competition to activate certain parts of the brain. In the study of 20 judokas, right-handed athletes who squeezed a ball in their left hand before competing were less likely to choke under pressure than right-handed players who squeezed a ball in their right hand. For skilled athletes, many movements, such as kicking a soccer ball or throwing a punch, become automatic with little conscious thought. When athletes under pressure don’t perform well, they may be focusing too much on their own movements rather than relying on their motor skills developed through years of practice.

Roid Void
According to researchers at the University of Gothenburg, there is a link between the use of anabolic-androgenic steroids and reduced mental health later in life. Steroid users were more likely to have been treated for depression, concentration problems, and aggressive behavior. The juice ain’t worth the squeeze.

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Photo by Nick Palmisciano

Between fighting and on-camera work for Fuel TV and Fox, how have you been handling your busy schedule?
It’s difficult for sure. On top of everything I have going, my third baby will be arriving in October, and I have my fulltime job working for Hire Heroes U.S.A. It’s just nonstop. I have a lot of great people around me, starting with my wife. They all support me and help me managed my schedule.

You’ve faced some of the best fighters in the sport. That being said, how do you plan to defeat the dog days of a Georgia summer?
I plan on handling them just fine. I love summertime and living in Atlanta—the weather is beautiful. My kids are out of school, and every night is a blast for me when I get home and spend time with my kids.

image descThe southern humidity doesn’t take you into deep waters?
Not really. We have a pool in the neighborhood, and a quick jump in takes care of that.

How does Brian Stann celebrate The Fourth?
Normally, I’m organizing several fundraisers and golf tournaments for my organization and participating in those. This year, I will have to delegate some of those duties to my team at Hire Heroes because I’ll be traveling out to UFC 162 to do the weigh-ins and pre- and post-fight shows on Fuel TV. I’ll celebrate with some good fights in Las Vegas. That’s not a bad way to celebrate Independence Day.

Who is your favorite countryman from a historical point of view?
Man, that is a hard question because there are so many of them. I’ll go with Theodore Roosevelt.

If you could jump into the time machine and go back in American history, who is the one person you’d like to get your hands on?
Someone I’d love to fight? I have a lot of people right now, but you are asking about history, so let me think about it. I live in Atlanta, and although I’m not from here, I am very proud to live in this area. If I had the chance to get my hands on one guy in American history, it would be the man who shot Dr. Martin Luther King—James Earl Ray.

You’ve proven to be as tough as they come, but you are set to take on a new opponent…denim. Word on the street is you are working with Ranger Up to promote their new apparel line. What can fans expect to see from the endeavor?
Ranger Up has been a supporter since the beginning of my career. They were one of my sponsors with the WEC. When I moved over to the UFC, it became difficult for them to really work their business around the UFC sponsor and affiliate program. They helped me with my charities for years, and they are expanding their business and growing quickly. I’m now a spokesperson for the jeans. I’m happy to be affiliated with that company in any way, shape, or form. They are great people, on top of being extremely creative and very funny. It’s a different kind of partnership. They have made me get out of my comfort zone with some of the commercials we shot. People can definitely look forward to seeing a different side of me in some of the video shoots.

After your fight with Wanderlei Silva in March, you said your next step in MMA was uncertain. Have you decided what’s in your future yet?
Honestly, my next step is to continue the things I’ve been doing…just doing them more efficiently and better. The charity I’m running is growing quickly. The need for our services keeps growing, and I’m going to continue our efforts to meet those needs. As far as fighting, I don’t know what’s next. I haven’t had the opportunity to talk to the powers that be about that. I think I’m going to expand my analyst role a little bit this fall. I’ll continue to analyze fights, but I’m also going to call some football for the ACC and have some fun watching college football.


1. Flips Headphones
Flips are the first headphones that can transform between headphones and amplified speakers with a simple flip. Use Flips as standard headphones, or rotate the ear cups outward to activate the built-in amplifier. Flips are proud supporters of the wrestling and MMA community.

2. Onnit Chimp Primal Bell
This 36-pound directional kettlebell is built to awaken your primal nature and produce a savage workout. Rust resistant and chip resistant, the iron bell has a slightly enlarged handle to help improve grip strength over a standard kettlebell and the broad base is ideal for floor exercises.

3. AMMA Muay Thai Tee
Push kick your way to comfort with AMMA’s Keep Calm and Teep On 100% cotton tee. If you’re not down with the Teep, you just don’t know how to kick it in style.

4. Patino Diet : The Age of Globesity
Dr. Patino has developed a breakthrough system based on the science of the Glycemic Index, enabling you to lose weight and develop a healthy lifestyle. If you love food and hate being told what to eat and when, then this book is a recipe for success.

5. Hayabusa Weld3 Shorts
Weld3 Fight Shorts are the first and only welded fight shorts scientifically developed with a form of sonic welding (thermal bonding) that delivers unmatched strength and zero abrasion.  If you’re looking to increase performance and experience the ultimate in comfort and maneuverability, get your butt in a pair of Hayabusa Weld3 Shorts.

6. Tai Chi Hero DVD
Tai Chi Hero is a full-on, steampunk-infused, video game-influenced, kung fu throwdown that will knock you out of your seat. In short, lots of ACTION. Also available on Blu-Ray.

7. Virus Bio Ceramic Compression Shirt
We could write something clever about how this is the best compression shirt we’ve ever tried, but sometimes you want “just the facts, ma’am.”
• Reinforces good form and posture.
• Increases lung capacity and efficiency
• Strengthens weak muscles
• Increases endurance
• Helps reduces injuries

8. Everlast MMA Omnistrike Heavy Bag
Hit it high…hit it low…or throw it on the floor and unleash your ground-and-pound. This bag can do it all. The best part: it won’t punch you back.

9. Deer Antler Velvet Extract
The hard part is over…the harvested tissue from deer antlers has been made into a spray. Now all you need is a little spritz to help improve your recovery, muscle tone, and sleep.

10. Ranger Up All-American Blue Jeans
Ranger Up jeans are made for guys who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty or do an honest day’s work. But that doesn’t mean they can’t look good doing it. If you love America, dogs, and hot chicks, you’ll love these jeans.

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Photos by Paul Thatcher
Makeup, Hair & Wardrobe by Maraz

You don’t have to look any further than Leticia Cline to figure out July is the hottest month of the year. When the blonde firecracker isn’t heating up the pages of FIGHT!, you can find her rocketing through the air…seriously.

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What’s on the agenda for your Fourth of July?
It definitely involves some sort of beach or water, drinking, and fireworks. I love to blow stuff up. It’s the one time of year you can explode things. I grew up in Kentucky, and we used to drive to the Tennessee line to buy all the big fireworks that were illegal. You can expect some fireworks from me on the Fourth.

What’s your beach beverage of choice?
Beer or whiskey. Nothing fruity or sweet. I’m really into ryes, too. My favorite is a Kentucky bourbon called Bulleit.

What’s the best thing about growing up in Kentucky?
I grew up in Cave City, outside of Mammoth Cave National Park, and I worked as a cave guide for years. I had access to all these secret caves, so we used to go down there and hang out in high school. Plus, we’ve got the University of Kentucky, where I went to college and studied psychology.

Have you put that degree to good use?
Only when I used to bartend. I liked to psychoanalyze the drinkers. Instead of psychology, I got into modeling and other stuff after college.

image descBy other stuff, do you mean Maxim, Playboy, and now FIGHT! Magazine? That’s the Big Three.
Yeah [laughing], I’m really excited. I love MMA. I’m an adrenaline junkie. In fact, in 2006, I worked for Rio Heroes, the Vale Tudo league in Brazil. I did on-camera interviewing for them. After that, I worked in front of the camera for TNA Wrestling and Motocross. I’m used to lots of action.

What are you doing for your adrenaline rush these days?
I work for JETLEV, the water jet packs that rocket you into the air.

Say what?
Yeah [laughing]. It’s a jet pack that shoots you 30 feet up using water pressure. I teach people how to fly them. I feel like a superhero when I do it. Cars come screeching to a halt when they see it. It’s the craziest thing.

How long do you think it would take you to teach me?
You’d be hovering in five minutes and flying a little bit in an hour or so. It’s fun to teach people, because they obviously have no reference point flying a jet pack, but I’d get you in the air in no time.

What’s your favorite extreme sport?
I love motorcycles and speed. I love the freedom of racing.

What about guys punching each other?
I’m into all that—wrestling, boxing, fighting. I watch MMA a few times a month. There’s a lot of crossover appeal with MMA, racing, and other extreme sports.

image descWho’s your favorite fighter?
Georges St-Pierre. I’m a sucker for a guy who speaks French. He’s the best. I was hooked after he beat the shit out of Jon Fitch.

How do you stay in shape?
I do a lot of core work, yoga, and weights. I hate cardio more than anything. I’d rather do anything than run—basketball, soccer, anything. I’m also a nut about eating organic. We grew a lot of our own food growing up, and I still like to have a garden when I have time.

What’s your food weakness?
Oh, definitely cheese. I can live off some cheese, without a doubt. Anything covered in cheese. I would put cheese on ice cream [laughing].

How many tattoos do you have?
Six. Ankle, right ear, right arm, left arm, and tramp stamp.

That’s only five.
Well, I actually have two tramp stamps [laughing]. I know, I know, very classy. I got them when I was young. I’m getting both of them lasered off right now, and it’s the worst pain in the world. I’ve had a compound fracture of the tibia, but the tattoo removal pain is insane. It burns so bad that it feels like what happened to Freddy Krueger’s face.

Are you gonna get any more tats?
One more in memory of my dad. He recently passed away. I want to get something to remember him by. It’s funny, growing up, people would knock on our door in the middle of the night for my dad to come give them a tattoo, and he would. But he stopped doing it when me and my sister were still little because he didn’t want to set a bad example. I guess it didn’t help.

image descSpeed Round. Are you a night owl or an early bird?
Both. I hate sleeping. I’m just not a cuddler. It’s a waste of time.

You don’t like lying in bed?
Nope. I don’t know how many relationships I’ve ruined because of it.

In a relationship or on the prowl?

How did he snag you?
He was a photographer [laughing].

Those guys get all the girls.
We actually met at an event—not on a shoot. All girls say they want a guy who makes them laugh, but I didn’t think that until I met him. He’s hysterical.

Any hidden talents?
I can play the clarinet and saxophone. I love jazz music.

What do you have planned for the rest of the year?
I’m about to start as a spokes model for No Limits Oil. I’ll be going to 15 events—conventions and races. Plus, I’m going to be flying my jet pack.

Happy rocketing.

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Twitter and Instagram:
@LeticiaAnnCline & LeticiaCline

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