They Said That – Verbal Jambalaya

In a Big Country
There are a lot of guys who look like Roy Nelson, but there aren’t a lot of guys who fight like Roy Nelson.” —Joe Rogan commentating UFC 159.

Lights On
“There’s a couple guys I do want to fight on short notice because I wouldn’t have to spend all that time away from my family, and like I said, I’m still training some, I still feel like I’m in good shape right now.” —Chris Lytle to

Ding, Ding
“There’s nothing I hate more than having to sit down in the middle of a goddamned fight.” —Matt Brown to

Bad to the Bones
“He [Jon Jones] is a lot better than I thought he was. To beat a guy is one thing. To beat a guy at his own game is a whole another. He’s the best fighter I’ve ever fought.” —Chael Sonnen at the UFC 159 post-fight press conference. 

Running on Empty
“I’m very scared—always—before a fight. But once I step into the cage or the ring, I feel nothing. Empty. No anger. Nothing.” —Shinya Aoki to

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