New Gear – You Can't Put a Price Tag on Happiness

1. Hayabusa FLEX & Kasumi-S Fight Shorts
Try on a pair of Hayabusa fight shorts and you’ll never go back to your old ones. Comfortable. Ultra light. Zero hardware. Stylish. The Flex and Kasumi-S fight shorts give you the freedom of movement you need to crush your enemies…and that’s what’s good in life.

2. C2O Pure Coconut Water
If you can’t get to Thailand to climb a coconut tree, we have the next best thing—C2O Pure Coconut Water. With naturally occurring electrolytes and potassium, this all-natural coconut water will leave you hydrated and rejuvenated. Who’s thirsty for more?
12 pack: $23.00

3. EPO-Boost
Enhance your performance and endurance with the world’s first legal, safe, and all-natural EPO stimulator. EPO-Boost has been clinically shown to increase blood EPO levels and VO2 max. When you’re dragging ass and you need a boost, take a daily dose of EPO-Boost. You’ll be dominating the competition on a regular basis.

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