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Get Grounded
Ground-and-pound training with a heavy bag can improve your cardio and stamina while increasing your punching power. To get pounding, switch from full mount to side control to north-south position while you rain down punches and elbows. You can also practice throwing knees from side control. If you push yourself like a champion, you can burn more than 700 calories per hour.
Jon Jones wears Everlast Thai Striking Pro Gloves as he beats an Everlast OmniStrike Heavy Bag into submission.
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Sweat the Big Stuff
Exercising regularly increases the adrenal gland’s production of the hormone aldosterone, which decreases the loss of sodium in urine and sweat. People with adrenal insufficiency can experience prolonged dehydration and low blood pressure following intense training sessions because their bodies cannot retain enough sodium. In this case, sports drinks with electrolytes may only be a temporary fix. If you regularly experience these symptoms, get checked by a physician for adrenal insufficiency.

Pain in the Neck
If chronic neck pain is keeping you down, head to the yoga mat. According to a recent study, yoga is an effective treatment for neck pain and provides added benefits of improved psychological well being and quality of life.

The CustomWhey
At The Arnold Sports Festival in March, FIGHT! sampled CutomWhey Protein, an upstart supplement company with customizable protein flavors (orange creamsicle, mocha mint, graham cracker, coffee, etc). Our consensus: Delicious. FIGHT! readers who use the link and buy two canisters will get a leak-proof protein shaker from EGD Pro. Give the following staff favorite a try:

1 scoop CW ProteinBase
1 scoop CW Chocolate
1 banana
6 oz. almond milk
6 oz. coffee
1 tbs. almond butter
4 ice cubes

Blend. Drink. Enjoy.

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