They Said That : March 2013

Spider Bite
“I love Anderson Silva. He’s a great guy outside of the cage, and he’s one of my favorite fighters to watch inside the cage. To me, to fight him would be a little bittersweet because I know I would beat him.”
—Rashad Evans to

Hair Trauma
“I was taken away from my family and from my friends and from life. You literally, you vanish, you’re gone, there’s no sign of you whatsoever. It’s almost like to everyone in the outside world that you’re dead and you’re gone. And, things like, for instance, I didn’t know what was happening with my people on the outside, it was upsetting. People had gotten new jobs or changed their hairstyle or experienced different things I missed out on. It just upset me. It still upsets me to this day.”
—Mike Ricci explaining his time in the TUF house on The MMA Hour.

Blow Off Some Steam
“Baltika beer is my favorite. You have to drink it after the sauna with a little fish jerky. Russian banyas [steam baths] are
the tits.”
—Ronda Rousey to FIGHT! Magazine.

No Further Questions
“The lawyer for Bellator, he’s either the biggest moron in the history of the world or a liar. For this guy to go out there and say that Spike and Fox are exactly the same—that they’re comparable—is the most ridiculous statement ever made in the history of the world.”
—Dana White to UFC Tonight.

Badass Bantam
“Well, it’s official. #MMA here I come!”
—2008 Olympic gold medalist Henry Cejudo on Twitter.


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