MMA 101 – Master the Kimura

Cesar Gracie pupil Nate Diaz, with the assistance of welterweight Luke Gamaza, shows readers how he counters a single-leg shot with one of his favorite submissions—the reverse ude-garami, which is also known as the kimura.

1) Nate stands in a southpaw stance, while Luke stands in an orthodox stance.

2) Luke shoots a single-leg, with his head on the inside.

3) Nate stuffs Luke’s head toward the mat with both hands. This makes it difficult for Luke to get Nate’s leg off the mat to finish the single-leg.

4) To begin the kimura attack, Nate traps Luke’s head on his stomach by bending at the waist. Nate grabs Luke’s right wrist with his left hand. Nate begins to thread his right arm between Luke’s body and right arm.

5) Nate threads his right arm through Luke’s right arm and grabs his own wrist. Nate’s right hand is grabbing his own left wrist, while his left hand grabs Luke’s wrist (kimura grip).

6) Nate steps his left (free) leg parallel to his right leg. Nate’s right leg is between Luke’s legs.

7) Nate sits to his butt and forcibly kicks up with his right leg.

8) By kicking hard enough, Nate frees his right leg and flips Luke to his back. Nate continues to keep a strong kimura grip while perpendicular to Luke.

9) Nate uses his momentum to move into side control and force Luke’s arm to the ground.

10) To finish the submission, Nate lifts up on the kimura to turn Luke onto his side. Nate steps over Luke’s head with his right leg, leans back slightly, and puts pressure on Luke’s shoulder.


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