Crazy Training

By Luke Rockhold // Photos by Paul Thatcher

Luke Rockhold gets his blood pumping with “Crazy” Bob Cook’s four-station circuit at American Kickboxing Academy.

This circuit consists of one minute on the Airdyne bike, then one minute on one of three drills (hitting focus mitts, ground-and-pound body bag, and Russian twists). We go back and forth—bike, drill, bike, drill—for 30 minutes as hard as we can. It’s the most brutal workout ever. It’s more brutal than any fight. We do this circuit three days a week for six weeks straight. The whole time, our coach Bob Cook is watching us—yelling at us to go harder. He’s called “Crazy” Bob Cook for a reason.

Airdyne Intervals – 1 Minute

Keep the airdyne at 85rpm or higher. It will be in the 90s closer to fight time. Go as hard as you can.

Pad Work – 1 Minute

Work on different combinations, including body shots. Focus on your footwork.

Ground-and-Pound – 1 Minute
Rain down punches and elbows. Switch between side guard, half guard, and mount.

Weighted Russian Twists – 1 Minute

Sit on the floor with your knees bent and your feet pinching a body bag. With both hands, hold the sides of a weight plate. Brace your core, and rotate your torso to the right as far as you can. Reverse your movement and twist to the left as far as you can.


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