MMA 101 – The Crossover with Eddie Alvarez

With the help of Blackzilian teammate Michael Johnson, Eddie Alvarez demonstrates one of his favorite combos in the cage—the crossover.

The crossover is only used on opponents who stand and counter with you. If you engage, and your opponent moves away, the crossover can’t be used. However, if you engage, and your opponent stands his ground and punches with you, the crossover is a great move to utilize.

1) Michael and I square off in orthodox stances.

2) Using the back of my glove, I push my left jab into Michael’s left eye to block his vision. This is the setup.

3) I’ve closed the distance with my initial jab, and Michael is still engaging.

4) As I push my left jab into Michael’s left eye for the second time, I step with my left foot to the outside of Michael’s left foot.

5) I pivot on my left foot and begin to bring my right foot all the way around in a counterclockwise motion so that I am perpendicular to Michael.

6) I continue the crossover by going into my crouched stance in one fluid motion.

7) I’ve created an angle so that I am outside Michael’s range in case he throws a strike.

8) I throw a left hook to Michael’s body.

9) I throw a left uppercut to Michael’s chin.

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