Health Radar : January 2013


The average number of calories a 170-pound man burns during 60 minutes of vigorous exercise on an indoor rowing machine. An elite athlete like Che Mills can burn more than 1,000.

For a fat-blasting, full-body cardio workout, try this intense rowing routine.

Warm up for 10 minutes, then perform these intervals:
• 2 minutes max effort, followed by 2 minutes rest. Repeat 3 times.
• Rest an additional 3 minutes after last interval.
• 1 minute max effort, followed by 1 minute rest. Repeat 3 times.
• Rest an additional 2 minutes after last interval.
• 30 seconds max effort, followed my 1 minute rest. Repeat 3 times.
• Cool down.


Next time you go grocery shopping, hit the salad B.A.R.—beets, arugala, and rhubarb, which are rich sources of dietary nitrates, a compound that gets converted into nitric oxide (N.O.). Nitric oxide dilates blood vessels, lowers blood pressure, and allows you to utilize more oxygen during exercise.


Three steamy ways to help reduce your risk of prostate cancer—but not necessarily in that order.


Female athletes are more likely than males to endure serious anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) knee injuries, which is due, in part, to the shape of their knee bones and the way they land when jumping. Hamstring exercises, such as wall sits and seated leg curls, can help reduce ACL injuries.

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