Double Action

Double Action

You know what they say: “Good things come in pairs,” and Cage Warriors FC ring girls Brooke Lynette and Natalie Lawrence are proof positive of that. This beautiful British duo leaves no doubt in the minds of fight fans that two is always better than one.

How long have you girls been working for Cage Warriors?

BL: Almost two years now.

NL: I joined Cage Warriors in February.

What’s the best part of the job?

BL: Getting to travel with a great team of people, see new places, and watch great fights.

NL: Yeah, we’ve gotten to visit amazing places like Dubai and Jordan.

I take it that you’re both big MMA fans?

BL: I’m an MMA geek [laughing]. I’m a huge fan of the sport. I’ve followed it for years.

NL: I really didn’t start following MMA until I began working for Cage Warriors. But I love the diversity of MMA—no fight is the same. It’s one of the most underrated and misunderstood sports. People don’t understand the amount of training and hard work that fighters have to put in.

BL: Yeah, I always hear myself defending the sport and explaining it to people.

Natalie LawrenceWho’s your favorite fighter? Let me guess—Dan Hardy.

BL: Definitely [laughing]. Dan Hardy is one of my favorites—he’s got awesome stand-up. Charlie Watts is a great up-and-coming fighter and one to watch. I’ve followed his progress from day one—he’s a great fighter and all-round good guy.

NL: My favorite is Jim Alers. I also like watching Faycal Hussin.

BL: Yeah, Hussin’s walkouts are awesome, and he’s got great stand-up, too.

How do you two stay in such good shape?

NL: We have a personal trainer that we use twice a week.

BL: Plus, we do a lot of cardio, and I’m a big fan of yoga and Pilates.

NL: And we do a Power-Plate class.

Have you ever trained MMA?

BL: No, but I had a boxing fight last year for charity that was fun.

Did you kick some ass?

BL: Yep, I won! It was a great bloody fight. I burst her nose! The charity was for the Katie Piper Foundation—great charity, have a look on it []. I like to set myself challenges and try to succeed. Boxing was something I’d grown up loving, so I jumped at the chance to fight.

What other activities keep you busy when you’re not in the ring or gym?

NL: I enjoy the outdoors. I backpacked across Southeast Asia for three months, visiting Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia. It was amazing, one of the best experiences of my life. The people were great—and just living life with no plans and getting up and going was refreshing. I also got my SCUBA license. It’s something I really enjoy doing. The ocean is so beautiful and by SCUBA diving, it’s like you get to see another world.

BL: I’m more of an at-home girl. I love chilling, watching movies, and cooking great food.

Brook LynetteWhat’s on the menu when you’re cooking great food?

BL: We both make a great pot of spaghetti Bolognese.

NL: And I make chocolate-fudge cupcakes for dessert.

Are you girls spoken for?

BL: Yeah, we both have boyfriends.

How did those guys win you over?

NL: You’ve got to be fun—be able to make me laugh and smile.

BL: And you have to be genuine, and keep me on my toes.

I imagine that guys still hit on you all the time?

BL: I haven’t really been chatted up in a long time. Believe it or not, I avoid those situations. But I will say that wolf-whistling isn’t going to get a man anywhere. Take note.

Both of you compete in swimsuit/bikini competitions. What’s the deal?

NL: I’ve been doing it for nearly two years. I’ve been so lucky to visit some amazing places while competing, like Mexico, Las Vegas, and the Bahamas. Currently, I’m Miss Swimsuit England and Miss Tropic Beauty London.

BL: I’ve entered Miami Pro World Championships for next April. Right now, I’m training for that. I can’t wait to get up on stage and do my thing. I know it’s going to be a tough 12 weeks up to the competition, as I’ll be cutting weight, but I’m really excited about it.

Sounds like you girls love the sun.

NL: That’s the worst thing about living in England—the weather. It rains a lot.

BL: Yeah, it’s rare that we have a scorching, hot day, which sucks because I love the heat.

What’s the best thing about living in England?

NL: Best thing is it’s where my friends and family are. You can travel within Europe very easily.

BL: London has everything at my doorstep, and wherever in the world I want to go to, it’s a direct flight, so it’s so easy to get about. It’s a very multi-cultural city, which is really cool. I love that.

NL: And London has great shopping [laughing]. What girl doesn’t love bags and shoes?

Describe yourself in one sentence.

NL: I’m a girly-girl and a shopaholic, who’s very passionate and has a huge heart.

BL: I’m a kind, spontaneous, fun-loving gym bunny.

What’s your five-year plan?

NL: Travel the world and continue to have a successful career in modeling—maybe think about getting married and starting a family by then.

BL: I’d like to have won a few titles in bikini and fitness competitions. Then I could possibly train/coach other girls who’d like to compete.

Thanks ladies.

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