They Said That



“It’s not that he [Anderson Silva] won’t fight me or I won’t fight him. To be dead honest, it’s that we both have a lot to lose, and we both respect each other a lot, and we both are striving for personal greatness. I don’t want to crack on his greatness, and I don’t want him cracking on my greatness.”

—Jon Jones to ESPN LA AM 710.


“Steven Seagal has not shown up to the #FighterSummit2012 yet to teach us super-secret-almost-illegal moves and it saddens me.”

—Mike Swick on Twitter.


“I can make a badass smoothie. I’m not good at anything, but I’ll go smoothie for smoothie with anybody in the world. I combine whey or vegetarian protein, Kiefer, ice, apple juice, blueberries, and a little bit of flaxseed oil.”

—Kenny Florian to FIGHT! Magazine.


“In my 20 years of martial arts experience, I have never seen anyone throw a turning side kick harder than Joe Rogan, and I have never seen anyone execute the crotch ripper as smooth and as devastating as Joe. In my humble opinion, if Joe wasn’t so damn funny, he would have easily been ranked among the elite in the UFC welterweight division. It is an honor to award Joe his black belt in 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu.”

—Eddie Bravo to FIGHT! Magazine.


“This is what Chael Sonnen said to me after the fight. He didn’t say it at the press conference, but he said it to me. He said, ‘I have so much respect for this guy, Dana. I’ve been competing in combat sports since I was seven years old. In that first round, when I was on top of him, hitting him with those big elbows, I felt him break. I broke him in that first round. He came back in the second round and destroyed me. I’ve never seen anybody do that, ever.’”

—Dana White on the Jim Rome Show.

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