New Gear


1. Beyond the Cage “The Real Captain America”

This limited-edition action series features Randy Couture shedding his Captain America mask before his final fight. The 32” x 42” framed print is hand-signed by Couture, and it’s only available to the first 65 buyers. It’s the perfect wall art for your man cave…but a real man would hang it above his mantle.


2. Joshua Tree Healing Salve

Originally developed for rock climbers, this organic salve works wonders on mat burns and abrasions. It’s a personal favorite of FIGHT!’s managing editor. Every wrestlers and BJJ players should keep a can in their locker…just don’t expect it to cure cauliflower ear.


3. Gaspari Nutrition Vasotropin

Get ready for the pump of your life. Gaspari’s new Vasotropin is the world’s first ultimate pump solution with NOSPEP, a unique NOS bioactive peptide fraction. Simply put, you’ll get swole.


4. Torque MMXII T-Shirt

Torque represents the latest in MMA gear and apparel that is specifically designed for athletes. With Urijah Faber as a co-founder, we’re confident that Torque will live up to all the hype. Order the shirt…the model will cost you extra.


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