Runner's High

Our favorite curly headed surfer girl is back— or maybe she never really left. This month, we check in with former UFC ring girl Natasha Wicks to find out about her return to cage side, her Olympic running aspirations, and her obsession with Shark Week.

Hi Natasha, it’s been awhile, what are you up to?

I just finished getting caught up on the last season of “Dexter!”

I’ve heard it’s a great show.

Oh, you have to check it out, it’s an amazing show!

I’ll move it to the top of my Netflix queue. What is that noise?

It’s my Juicer.. I’m doing a 10 day juice cleanse. Kale, carrots, apples, sweet potatoes, a bunch of stuff. I just watched that movie Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, so I am trying to clean out some of the toxins.

Do you have a favorite recipe?

My favorite is apple, carrot, ginger.

Good mix. What’s been going in with life?

Well, I’ve started running full time again. I’m sponsored by Ryno Running in Las Vegas, and I’ll be running track and cross-country. My focus will be the 10k though, that’s my best event.

Any specific goals in mind?

Actually, I’m working with Marion Jones’s coach, and my goal is to try out for the 2016 Olympic team. I ran all through high school and college and did very well, but took a break after college.

We’ll be cheering you on for sure. In the mean time, what’s this I hear about you and Invicta?

Invicta FC! They are an all woman’s MMA promotion. I am going to be their ring card girl for their first show, on Saturday, April 28, 2012, in Kansas City, Kansas. I’m very excited!

It will be great to see you working the fights again. What other adventures have you gotten into lately?

I went to Iraq last year, again, which was pretty interesting because I fell on my skateboard right before the trip.

I think I saw the picture on facebook. It looked awful. How did that happen?

Well, I had just gotten a new board, and the trucks hadn’t been put on tight enough. I was doing a shoot with a photographer friend, and he wanted to shoot me riding down this hill that I’ve been down a hundred times. Well, halfway down the hill, I’m doing about 25 mph and I started getting speed wobbles. I thought ‘oh man, I’m going to eat shit,’ because I was definitely going faster than I could run. I ended up tumbling off, and got a second degree burn on my butt from the road rash. I also had gashes on my hands, my arm, and my shoulder.

Ouch! How did that affect your trip?

They almost didn’t want me to go because they were scared it might get infected. So I had to scrub it every day before the trip, and every day that I was out there, it was awful. The first few days, I could hardly move.

Tough girl. Do you do any other “extreme” sports?

Yup. I like to surf and paddle board, not really that extreme, but it’s fun. I love rock climbing. I love anything outdoorsy. I’m pretty much outside all the time. Unless it’s Sunday. That’s my day to lay around and watch TV.

Any wing suits in the future?

That would be amaaazing. But I think I’d rather watch. I don’t want to be crashing into the side of a mountain. But skydiving, I love skydiving. I’m also planning on going diving with great white sharks in October. Like get in a cage.

That sounds absolutely terrifying.

Oh I am obsessed with sharks. I’ve been watching Shark Week since I was a child. I love it.

Speaking of love, rumor has it you’ve been dating UFC Light Heavyweight Kyle Kingsbury. What’s it like dating a fighter?

Dating a fighter, and not just any fighter, but him, is awesome! He is so manly and strong , but he’s also caring and kind.

Does it bother you to watch someone you’re close to, fight?

Definitely! Watching him, or any of my friends in the Octagon is nerve wracking! You want them to win, obviously, but even just watching them take hits is no fun. Kyle fights Glover Teixeira on May 26, and I am gonna be a ball of nerves. Whether it’s an easy or hard fight, it doesn’t matter.

Let’s pretend you’re single for a moment. What do you find attractive in a guy?

I always love a guy with a great sense of humor, and I love when a guy is affectionate. I love cuddlers! Being healthy and athletic is important, so he can keep up with me. Goals, dreams. and a driven attitude are very important too. And of course, a healthy appetite for the bedroom is a must!

How would you go about letting a guy know you’re interested?

I’d just tell him. I’m a no BS kinda girl. If I’m interested in you, I will be very flirty and touchy!

Tell me a little about WonderCon. How did you end up with that gig?

I went to WonderCon with my friends who have a webseries called “Help! I’m Alive…” I worked as a booth babe to bring the nerds in, and I loved it! I’m a big nerd myself and felt star struck seeing all the awesome costumes.

Will fans get to see you at ComicCon?

It’s very likely. I want to dress up like Mystique!

And a fine Mystique you’ll make. Thanks for the time Natasha!

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