They Said That



“I’ve had a really difficult couple of years with my disease. I’m going to say that tonight is the last night you will see me in the Octagon. Brock Lesnar is officially retired.”

—Brock Lesnar, addressing the UFC 141 audience after his TKO-loss to Alistair Overeem.


“All I know is, if I have to, I’ll pull out the age card and just say I should have seniority here. I’m getting older. Rashad [Evans] has got a little more time than I do.”

—Dan Henderson to on who’s next in line to fight Jon Jones.


“I’ve mentioned Matt Hughes to Lorenzo [Fertitta]. He’s been on a rough streak as well recently. He’ll look at me and see I’ve lost four fights and think he can outwrestle me. I also genuinely don’t like him. I need a fight to get up for, and I’d take great pleasure in smashing him in the face. I won’t talk about why I don’t like him, it’s some knowledge I have about him away from the sport.”

—Dan Hardy to ESPN on who he wants to fight next.


“I want a title shot. If they don’t give it to me, I’m not going to complain or anything. But I sort of see myself right there. I did what GSP couldn’t do.”

—Johny Hendricks to on his future after knocking out Jon Fitch at UFC 141.


“Dana White is like a dog on hay—he neither eats it himself, nor lets the others eat it.”

—M-1 Global president Vadim Finkelchtein to on the UFC’s business practices.


There’s different kinds of reality ideas that we’re starting to kick around. We’re hearing lots of good ideas for reality programming around Bellator. But it won’t be 16 guys in a house. We’re not doing that show over again.”

—Spike TV president Kevin Kay to on a Bellator reality series slated for 2013.

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