They Said That


“Seems easy to wear a bikini and seems easy to walk in a circle, but try walking in a circle while wearing a bikini. Talented girl!”

—Chael Sonnen on his Twitter battle with Arianny Celeste.

“One thing I love about Japanese fans and why I love them the most is that they don’t care if you win or lose. All they care is if you have samurai spirit—that you put on a good fight. That’s why Japanese fans are my favorite. And American fans are jealous that I say that all the time.”

—Rampage Jackson during the UFC 144 press conference.

“He’s been on a tear since he came over from the WEC. He’s beat all the top contenders, so he’s more deserving of a title shot. He’s real exciting. He’s young and hungry, so I know I’ve got my hands full. I know it will be a good one. He’s a good fighter, so I’m going to go in there and do everything I’ve got to do to win.”

—Frankie Edgar discussing Benson Henderson at the UFC 144 press conference.

“Me and Jon Fitch have been training together for eight years. We fight every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You want to see it? Come to the gym, and you won’t even have to pay $55. No chance, not even for the title. It’s not worth it to me. I’d rather step away from the sport than fight Jon Fitch, how’s that?”

—Josh Koscheck at the UFC 139 Q&A.

“At this point, my focus is on broadening my horizons, and wherever I feel that can be accomplished is where I will go. There is a huge world out there and so many great camps where I can learn so many things. I just want to get out and train with whoever I can. If that means going down to Brazil and training with Jose Aldo, I’d be excited to go. There is so much to learn out there, and I want to grow.”

—Gray Maynard to on his decision to leave Xtreme Couture.

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