5 Minutes With Melvin Guillard

You’re 28 years old and you’ve had 40 fights. How much longer can you go by “The Young Assassin?”

Until I retire. You’re only as old as you feel. I mean, until I start feeling old, I don’t need to change my nickname.

You started eating sushi after losing a bet to Josh Burkman on TUF. Are you glad you lost that bet?

Yeah, I’m actually very glad. I love it. I just ate sushi last night. Raw salmon is my favorite.

You’ve been playing golf for a couple of years now. On a scale of one to 10, how would you rate your skill level?

I’m a 10. I’m pretty good at everything I do. Every round of golf I play, I try to get the low score. I’m very competitive, and I don’t like to lose or go over 86, so I try to stay in the low 80s as much as possible.

You have a fight coming up on October 8 at UFC 136 against Joe Lauzon. After blasting Evan Dunham and Shane Roller, it’s probably not the fight you wanted. What’s your mindset going into this fight?

The fight actually makes sense now that Jim Miller is out of the picture. It’s just another fight, and I’ll fight anybody in the weight class. I approach it just like any other fight. I’ve got to go in there and do my job. The more I compete, the more dangerous I become, so I’m excited about the Lauzon fight. There are a lot of emotions riding on this fight, but it’s going to be fun. I’ll have a lot of family and friends in Houston—it’s going to be a great night.

Gray Maynard and Frankie Edgar are on the same card at UFC 136. How crazy would it be if they fought to another draw?

There’s nothing I can do about that, but I doubt there will be another draw. I think the timeline is perfect and everything is happening for a reason. Jim Miller got beat, and I’m actually fighting the same night the champion is fighting. I think I’ll be next in line, no questions asked.

The lightweight division certainly has a lot of talent with you, Clay Guida, and Ben Henderson. Guida is one of your teammates at Greg Jackson’s Gym, so try to be unbiased— who has better hair, Guida or Henderson?

I think both of them should get a Head & Shoulders commercial. They could be the first MMA guys to get hair commercials [laughing]. They’re definitely marketable with the hair. I’ll give it to both of them. I mean, I’ve trained with Clay, and when I wrestle and roll with him, honestly, most people with hair like that, it stinks, especially after training, but his hair has never smelled foul. He comes in the gym, and it’s got bounce to it and it smells all refreshing, and I’m like,
‘Dude, what the hell?’ Sometimes, I’ll hold him in a headlock and just sniff his hair—it smells that good [laughing].

You’re originally from New Orleans. What’s the best thing about growing up there?

The best thing about growing up in New Orleans is the culture of the city. Knowing that I came from a city where music like jazz and blues originated— it was just a great city to grow up in. There was a good family environment, and we definitely have a strong culture. The thing I miss the most is the food.

True or False: One year from now, Melvin Guillard will be the UFC Lightweight Champion.

That’s true—hopefully it will be before my birthday on March 30. The day they give me a title shot, I’ll be champion. I predict whoever I fight for the title, they will be getting knocked out in the first round. Nobody will be getting out of the first round of a title fight with me. On October 8, Lauzon will be getting knocked out like the rest of them.

When Melvin’s not knocking guys out, you can follow him on Twitter @Young__Assassin.

“I’ll be champion. I predict whoever I fight for the title, they will be getting knocked out in the first round.”

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