Reality Check

It’s time fighters parlayed their MMA fame into a $ide career in front of the camera.

In addition to The Ultimate Fighter, mixed martial artists have already stepped into the foray of reality television. Chuck Liddell shook his ass on Dancing With the Stars, Tito Ortiz was canned on Celebrity Apprentice, and Ricco Rodriguez got clean on Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew. However, that’s just the tip of the reality iceberg. Check out what could be in store for May sweeps.

Clay Guida

Guida already has the crab-catching credentials, having spent six months as a crab fisherman off the coast of Alaska in 2003. It would be a pleasure watching a frozen-haired Guida moving spastically around the ship, pissing off the salty deckhands by outworking everyone, and refusing to sleep or eat because he is part machine.

Phil Baroni

Sure the “New York Badass” hails from Long Island, but he already has the tan, tats, hair, sunglasses, and abs to move into the Jersey abode. Baroni could bitch slap
the entire household—forcing “The Situation” do his laundry, making “JWow” cook his dinner, and locking “Snooki” in the smush room so no one would have to deal with her.

Forrest Griffin

Griffin knows his way around a Glock, having served as a cop in Athens, GA, before his MMA career took off. Teaming Griffin up with 7th-dan black belt Seagal is a recipe
for reality greatness. Dishing out their own brand of hard-hitting justice, the good cop/bad cop duo of Seagal and Griffin would be like East meeting South.

Urijah Faber

Not that Faber needs any help with the ladies – he already makes them swoon with his Patrick Swayze hair, Kirk Douglas chin, and Jackie Chan fighting skills. However,
wouldn’t it be entertaining to watch a bunch of skanky women who can’t hold their liquor throw themselves at “The California Kid” in an attempt to earn a rose.

Nick and Nate Diaz

The Diaz brothers could dominate the race around the world with their superior condition and willingness to physically maul other contestants for withholding the answers to clues. Nothing could be better for ratings than having the Prides of Stockton winging nunchucks, flipping off foreigners, and shouting “209 Bitches.”

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