Aly Veneno

Born Alison Garcia, this poisonous triple threat of brains, beauty, and badass is dangerous in the best ways possible —careful, her charm will leave you snake bitten.


Where did you grow up and where are you now?


Kind of a long story, but I was born in Rome, Italy. I grew up in Chile, Argentina, Thailand, Spain, and I’ve lived in Hawaii and Germany also, but I’m actually Puerto Rican.


Wow, you’re an international woman.What have been your favorite places?


Every place that I’ve been has its own unique qualities, but in Thailand I was able to get away with little bad girl behavior. That’s when I first learned how to ride a motorcycle. I was 13. It was pretty cool!


I understand you own a Suzuki GSXR750 bike and do custom work on it.


I’ve done most of the work myself, not all of it, but I painted it myself. It’s pink and black. We called it the spray paint Olympics because I didn’t use professional paint on it, but it looks like a professional paint job. It’s a lot of work. It took me about two weeks to get it right.


I ride with a motorcycle crew called Mohawk Riders. So we all have mohawks on our helmets, and I have a hot pink mohawk on my helmet, so I kind of customized myself on it.


Being a motorcycle girl, does that mean you wear lots of leather?


I honestly don’t own any leather.


Heartbreaking. Do you ever wash your motorcycle in a bikini in slow motion?


Absolutely. And I charge to wash other people’s motorcycles in slow motion.


Worth the price of admission. Were you always a wild child or shy girl?


I kind of grew up with the story of the ugly duckling. At least I didn’t think any of the boys liked me. They used to call me chipmunk cheeks, chubby, kind of weird, because I’ve always been real outgoing and off the wall, kind of like a class clown. I kind of blended in with everybody, I didn’t really have a side—a little bit of this, a little bit of that.


How did you become involved in mixed martial arts?


I was stationed in Germany as a contractor for the Army. I needed a stress reliever, like a way to unwind, so I started taking Army Combatives on base because it was free. Some guy came over and started teaching jiu-jitsu. Once I moved back hereto the D.C. area in ’07, I started taking MMA. Jiu-jitsu is cool for the technique and whatnot, but I really like to punch things…


I actually had to stop doing my training last May because the last motorcycle accident I had.


That’s a shame you won’t go pro. Ever been in any street fights?


I’ve been in a few—I always win though! And I beat all the charges! The craziest one that I ever got into, I was on Rhode Island Ave. I’m just walking down the street minding my own business, next thing I know I get tackled from the back. I stand up and some Latina girl pops me in the mouth, so I punched her with my left fist—knocked her out. Her friend comes and gives me two jabs in my left side ,and I gave her two hits right in her nose, busted up her nose and knocked her out.


I saw the guy that tackled me, so I turned around and I gave him a left hook straight in his eyeball and gave him a black eye from the bridge of his nose all the way to his hairline. Turns out he was an off-duty cop that blew twice the legal limit for alcohol, so I filed an investigation through Internal Affairs and they found him guilty of conduct unbecoming of an officer and my charges against me were dismissed.


Let me get this straight. Tattoos, motorcycles, street fights. What’s not badass about you?


I donate blood all the time. I just got a letter in the mail from the blood center that I donated at two weeks ago, they said they sent my blood out for someone who needed a transfusion, so they thanked me for saving someone else’s life.


Add lifesaver to your accomplishments. Although, I don’t think it counts if you’re donating other people’s blood after you beat them up in street fights.


I don’t start fights—I just finish them!


Alpha female…


Oh definitely. If there was a level above alpha, I’d probably be that.


How did you become a ring girl?


The way I got in with the Ultimate Warrior Challenge, (, is I had started a nutritional energy supplement company with a friend of mine, which I actually pulled my investment because we had differences in the way we wanted to market the business. When I saw that the UWC was first coming to the D.C.area, I inquired about sponsoring the fights.


I sponsored a fighter, Mike Easton, who actually ended up becoming a champion twice. The night before the fight, I guess one of their girls from Florida missed her flight, didn’t show. The owner of the league came up to me and said, ‘You’re pretty hot, how would you feel about being a cage girl for us?’ For me, at first I was pretty reluctant because I wanted to focus on the business aspect of me being there but then I thought it could be fun.


I’ve done all five events they’ve done here in the D.C. area.


Who are your favorite fighters?


GSP is definitely one. I like it when he fights in little shorts. GSP reminds me of Jean-Claude Van Damme when he does the splits in that movie Time Cop.


You’re name Veneno means “venom” in Spanish. What’s venomous about you?


Everything. There’s no antidote for this poison.


What does it take for a man to win you over?


With me, he has to be sweet, loving, caring, and show lots of affection. It’s not about material, it’s about personality, being funny and really charming. He has to know when to step up and be a man, like if somebody harasses me. I don’t mind if he’s an asshole as long as he’s an asshole to everyone else but me.


What words do you live by?


I’m the river and I flow around the log.


Wow. You’re a philosophical fighter. We definitely won’t be messing with you anytime soon. At least not until there’s an antidote.

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