5 Minutes With Gilbert Melendez

How’s life after pitching a shutout against DREAM Lightweight Champion Shinya Aoki on CBS?


Life is good. In the MMA world, life is good. I made it to the top three, gaining some respect and also being able to voice my opinion a little bit more. I’m feeling on top of the world right now.


Do you think you’re number one in the world at lightweight?


I think I’m in the running for that number one spot. I think there’s a lot more for me to prove to say I’m number one. I think BJ Penn is rightfully number one and has done a lot in this sport at that weight class. I’ve got to get a record like his.


Everyone wants to know, how do you keep your hair so stylish?


You know, it’s genetic. I’ve got the God-given curls—the mulletino going on. I guess it’s just genetics. Curls get the girls, right?


You ever use Soul Glo?


My Dad used to have something—maybe I’ve tried hair tonic.


How did you come up with the name Skrap Pack for your team?


We put a little white board up when I opened the gym. We were trying to figure out what to call ourselves. There’s been the Wolf Pack. There’s been the Rat Pack. We woke up one morning and on the white board was Skrap Pack. And Bobby “The Bear” Taylor is kind of the one that added the “K” to it. It was a group effort. We’re definitely a close group of guys. We’re definitely a pack, and we like to scrap.


What’s training like when you’re hungover?


Well, it’s necessary. It’s one of those things that Jake [Shields] kind of taught me. After drinking, you gotta train the next day. Sometimes it’s actually fun, but sometimes it can just get real dizzy.


What’s a movie that you know sucks but liked anyway?


It’s got to be the Twilight movie. But I have a girlfriend.


That doesn’t make it right. What’s your secret talent?


Fornicating, I hope. Let me think of something. Secret talent? … My secret talent would be… Frisbee, pretty good at Frisbee. Frisbee is a good talent for me. Just throwing the Frisbee around, getting pretty good at trick catches.


Would you rather be on Man vs. Food or Man vs. Wild?


I’d do Man vs. Wild. Fuck yeah! I’m areal man. Man vs. Wild is man going into nature and trying to survive. It looks like fun. I feel like I would be a complete weapon if I could survive in the wild.


You recently did your first acting gig on NCIS on CBS. If you could have any role in a movie, what would it be?


I’d love to be in an action movie doing some sort of fight scene. Yeah, I’ll be the bad guy.


What’s the first CD you bought?


Nirvana’s Nevermind.


Nastiest thing anyone’s ever said to you on Twitter?


Dude … “Fuck you and your mom you taco eating motherfucker. You jumped Mayhem.” That’s exactly what it said.


Tacos are delicious. Two of your teammates are also Strike force Champions. How does it feel to be part of the camp with all the gold?


It feels great to be the champ and be with a team full of champs. It makes you feel like you know you’re doing something right.


What’s the last concert you went to?


Rebelution. It’s been that long? It was great.Good times. Always got to get a good fill of reggae, something you can dance and drink to.


If you could be any superhero, who would you be?


I’d like to be Superman because he can do everything, of course.


That’s the same thing Jake Shields said.What can fans expect from “El Nino”coming up?


Expect “El Nino” to try to take the number one spot in 2010/2011. That’s my goal. I will always perform to the best of my ability for the fans and always put on a show. And also, I’ll never forget the fans, and I thank them for their support.

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