5 Fighting Southpaws

The Latin word for “left” is “sinister,” which evolved into the word “distrust,” because lefties are not the norm. Our calendars might claim it is 2010, but it’s still hard to trust that kid in kindergarten who can’t use the righty scissors to cut the construction paper. It’s no wonder lefties grow up with a little chip on their shoulders. Maybe that’s why southpaws like MMA so much. With that in mind, here are five of the most sinister fighters in the game.


5) Vitor Belfort – Record: 19–8


Considering he’s been in the fighting business for more than a decade, it is a little surprising to remember that super-striker Vitor Belfort is only 33 years old. The well-travelled Belfort is hoping his third UFC stint is the charm, as he looks poised to vie for the middleweight title when his injured shoulder heals.


4) Kenny Florian – Record:16–4


Despite being outclassed by BJ Penn in December, Kenny Florian remains one of the UFC’s top lightweight contenders. Preferring to finish his matches via rear naked choke, KenFlo also has elbows as apt at drawing blood as an axe.


3) Shinya Aoki – Record: 23–4


It would be easy to overlook a fighter who wears neon-colored tights in the ring. However, Shinya Aoki may be the best lightweight fighter in the world not named BJ Penn. The flexible Aoki is a cerebral fighter whose unorthodox style enables the submission expert to finish many of his fights.


2) Lyoto Machida – Record: 16 –0


The urine-gulping, Shotokan Karate practicing Lyoto Machida already had an impressive resume before entering the UFC in 2007, with Stephen Bonner, Rich Franklin, and BJ Penn among his past victims. “The Dragon” has used his sinister karate strikes and impenetrable defense to get to the top of the light heavyweight heap.


1) Anderson Silva – Record: 25–4


Not only is he the best southpaw fighter in the game today, Anderson Silva is also one of the best pound-for-pound fighters of all-time. Not having lost a fight (other than a DQ in 2006) since New Year’s Eve 2004, “The Spider” has basically cleared out the middleweight ranks of the UFC and now seems intent on doing the same at light heavyweight.

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