Weekly MMA Link Club: "Big" John Talks LAPD and the Rodney King Riots (VIDEO)

(Stay tuned for the rest of our FIGHT! Life series featuring Los Angeles Police Department lifer and famed MMA referee “Big” John McCarthy.)

– Hot Potato: Melissa Jo is a “Southern Belle with A Twist.” (CagePotato)

– Penn vs. Hughes III is official for Detroit. (MMA Convert)

– Efrain Escudero comes in four pounds heavy for UFC Fight Night 22; fight with Oliveira will proceed as a catchweight bout (Five Ounces of Pain)

– Must-see: Chael Sonnen debuts his new stand-up comedy material at yesterday’s UFC Q&A session in Austin. (Heavy.com/MMA)

– Helwani vs. Dundas: UFN 22 Edition (Versus MMA Beat)

– Donald Cerrone Steps Over the Line Between Good Hype and a PR Problem (MMA Fighting)

– UFC 119: Mir vs. Cro Cop extended video trailer (MMA Scraps)

– Punk rock vampire pirates are the key to MMA promotion, obviously. (MiddleEasy)

– Anderson Silva says the fight against Chael Sonnen would be a different story, if he was completely healthy (LowKick)

– Muhammad Ali doing what he does best… (Watch Kalib Run)

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