WEC & Amp Energy Launch Hometown Takedown (VIDEO)

WEC events might be televised just like those of it’s promotional big brother, the UFC, but until March of this year, the show had never produced an event in the eastern half of the United State. “It’s really tough for avid WEC fans on the east coast to experience a live WEC event,” says Pat Santangelo, brand manager for Amp Energy. In an effort to bring the live WEC experience to more fans, Santangelo says Amp and the WEC are “democratizing the decision” to determine the location of a WEC show in Dec. 2010. Thirty cities in 25 states are in the running, and all you have to do to bring the little guys to your big city is go to Ampenergy.com/WEC and vote. If you live in an area with Hess or Maverik convenience stores, you can enter two win a trip for two to the fight as well.

The contest ends July 31st, so go to Ampenergy.com/WEC and vote!

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