FIGHT! Picks: WEC 47

The WEC is on swole this weekend as the UFC’s kid brother takes over at the Arnold Sport Festival in Columbus, Ohio. Here are FIGHT!’s Picks for Saturday night’s fights with odds courtesy bodog – we’re currently 20-9 with our picks in 2010.

Brian Bowles (-250) vs. Dominic Cruz (+190)


Cruz is a live dog in the main event. He’s taller than Bowles and extremely comfortable on his feet. He’s got the wrestling to neutralize takedown attempts and stay off his back and the striking and footwork to pick Bowles apart while avoiding power punches. Look for the WEC Bantamweight belt to change hands again on Saturday night.
FIGHT! Pick: Cruz.

Miguel Torres (-365) vs .Joseph Benavidez (+285)


Miguel Torres got caught. It happens. After he lost his belt to Brian Bowles, Torres took himself out of his comfort zone, moving his camp around the country, sharpening his skills and focusing on pugilism instead of PR. Unless Benavidez has reinvented himself as a dynamic striker, Torres will punish him with strikes and attack from his back should Benavidez take him there.
FIGHT! Pick: Torres.

Jens Pulver (+150) vs Javier Vazquez (-185)

If vintage Pulver shows up and sprawls and brawls, then he likely takes this match. But we haven’t seen vintage Pulver in a while. He’s got heart, and he will fight to the last, but in a battle between two old dogs, Vazquez probably has more bite.
FIGHT! Pick: Vazquez.

Bart Palaszewski (+215) vs Karen Darabedyan (-275)


Karen Darabedyan’s career is arching upwards. Bart Palaszewski’s is not.
FIGHT! Pick: Darabedyan.


Brian Bowles (-250) vs. Dominic Cruz (+190)
FIGHT! Pick: Cruz. Resulting Outcome:  CORRECT

Miguel Torres (-365) vs .Joseph Benavidez (+285)
FIGHT! Pick: Torres. Resulting Outcome:  INCORRECT

Jens Pulver (+150) vs Javier Vazquez (-185)
FIGHT! Pick: Vazquez. Resulting Outcome:  CORRECT

Bart Palaszewski (+215) vs Karen Darabedyan (-275)
FIGHT! Pick: Darabedyan. Resulting Outcome:  INCORRECT

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