Ask Brian Bowles

WEC Bantamweight Champion Brian Bowles’ unparallel run through the WEC saw The HardCore Gym fighter finish five consecutive fights en route to a title shot. Bowles, who entered the organization at a novice 3–0 record, systemically and emphatically disposed of top-10 135-pounders, including pound-for-pound standout Miguel Torres with a vicious knockout to capture the gold. Three submissions, two knockouts, and only one third-round appearance tags Bowles as a breakout star. The former police officer takes a break from training to answer FIGHT! reader mail.

Coming off your win over Miguel Torres, how does it feel to know that you ended the winning streak of a fighter that many people considered unbeatable? Chad Rancine Phoenix, AZ

It feels great. A lot of people thought I was going to get dominated by him, and I thought I was going to beat him, so I stayed confident. I didn’t really pay attention to the record and went in there and took the fight just like he was 7–0, 8–0.

In a rematch, do you think you could beat Miguel Torres with the same dominance and knockout as you did the first time? Thomas Delgado Brea, CA

There’s no telling. I think I possibly could. I hear he’s done a lot of things differently, but you know, it’s tough to all of a sudden start training with someone else and change all the bad habits you’ve had over the years. But I think I could. If I caught him right, with the right punch, I can definitely knock him out.

I weigh 150 pounds and I fight at 135 pounds. How much do you weigh before your training camp? And on fight night? John Gee Caldwell, ID

I probably weight 143 to 145 pounds on fight night. On a full stomach, I’m about 150 pounds.

Is there any special meaning to your tattoos? Do you plan on getting any more in the future? Ben Lau Calgary, AB, Canada

No, no special meaning at all. I just had a bad armband on my arm. I got that covered up with the tiger. I’m thinking of maybe getting something added to my arm below the tiger, but I’m not sure about that. I just thought the tiger looked cool.

Have you thought much about taking some super fights at 145 pounds against the likes of Urijah Faber, Mike Thomas Brown, or Jose Aldo? If so, who would you prefer to fight? Andrew Riddick Gatesville, NC

I wouldn’t really prefer to fight any of them. I’ve trained with Faber and Brown, you know, I’m not really that big of a guy. They’re bigger than me. I would do it if the money was there and the opportunity was right, but I wouldn’t prefer to fight any of them. I haven’t really given it much thought. I think 125 pounds is more of a possibility for me than 145 pounds.

What kind of supplements do you take? BC Baltz Franklin, TN

Champion Nutrition: all my vitamins, stuff like that, antioxidants. During training, I drink the electrolyte TapouT drink, and I drink their oneand- one post-recovery drinks, and that’s pretty much about it.

Do you ever get nervous before your fights? You look very calm. Jorge Maldanado Miami, FL

I do. I’m a little nervous. I think everybody’s nervous— big adrenaline rush. I think that’s part of the reason why we do it—big adrenaline rush and just the thought of pushing yourself somewhere you’ve never been. That’s kind of the thing about taking amateur fights and stuff like that, you get the nerves out of the way.

Has anyone ever told you that you look like a miniature Mark Wahlberg? Can you dance like him? Whitney Lajour Baton Rouge, LA

I hear that all the time—and no. I guess there’re worse people to look like than him. Yeah, I like Mark Wahlberg. Shooter—he’s in a lot of good movies. I like Mark.

You need a good nickname. How about the Little Bulldog? Marc Garibaldi Denver, CO

Nah, I don’t know. People keep trying to come up with nicknames for me. I’m not really into it. Whatever. Somebody just comes up with something and it sticks, its cool, then I’m good with it, but I haven’t heard anything I’d want yet.

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