5 Minutes With Phil Davis

After capturing an NCAA wrestling title, was it your dream to make it to the UFC?

The UFC wasn’t necessarily my dream. My dream was to be the best, but Dana White would probably argue that if I dreamt of being the best then that included the UFC, so in that aspect, yes [laughs]. I guess that would include the UFC. I want to be the best, simply put.

Do you feel because you were a champion in wrestling you’re destined to be a champion in MMA?

I don’t think one thing makes you good at another thing, no. Just because you’re a good lawyer doesn’t mean you’ll be a good congressman.

I know you’re looking for a new nickname. Your nickname “Mr. Wonderful” is from pro wrestler Paul Orndorff. If you could name yourself after another pro wrestler, who would it be?

The Ultimate Warrior, hooo!! What kind of question is that? That’s obvious, duh [laughs].

Did we just find you that new nickname?

That’s still an open forum. Have everyone Twitter @ philmrwonderful and please let me know what your suggestions are.

What’s the frontrunner?

I got some funny ones. This chick looked me up and down real quick, this lady, this older lady, “Hmm, the Stallion.” The Stallion? Alright!

Your athletic achievements tag you as a fighter to watch, creating lots of hype. Do you welcome that?

You can’t acknowledge the positive aspect of keeping the hype around you and having people talk about you without acknowledging the negative aspects. Having people say ah, “You know, this guy’s overrated or that guy sucks or anybody can beat that guy.” Some of the things these people say on these Internet forums are absolutely horrible. So honestly, no, I don’t really look forward to it, but it’s going to happen and you might as well embrace it.

I know you’re a big positive thinker. Who are some of your favorite positive thinkers?

Joab…Noah…Faith is one of those things—not even to be preachy, just it doesn’t even have to be religious faith—but in order to say to yourself, “This has never been done before but it will happen for me,” to have that kind of faith in yourself and what you’re able to accomplish, that’s an amazing gift.

What’s the most embarrassing song on your iPod?

Party in America. Goodness, I can’t think of her name. I want to say, what’s that chick’s name, is that Miley Cyrus? I don’t know if it’s Hillary Duff or Molly Cyrus. [Editor’s note: The song is Party in the U.S.A. by Miley Cyrus, but we had to look it up.]

Have you ever cried during a chick flick?

You call it a chick flick, I call it a wholesome movie.

What’s a movie you know sucked but have to admit you liked anyway?

Aw man, Pootie Tang.

What’s the most authentic: KFC, Taco Bell, or Domino’s?

Well, Domino’s is probably the closest to real Italian pizza. [laughs]

Could you beat Prince in a game of basketball?


If you could be any superhero, which one would you be?

Probably Captain Planet.

You’re the only person who has ever said that. Tiger Woods: Hate the player or hate the game?

I felt bad for the guy. Here’s the guy with a couple of problems and enough money to hide all of his problems. I felt bad for him. I feel bad for Tiger. I hope he can work through it.

What’s something not-so-wonderful about you?

I can’t spell sometimes. You see, the great part of texting is you can shorten your answer and spell things however you want to and you don’t even seem illiterate. Oh, well, he meant to spell it that way.

If you weren’t fighting or wrestling, what job would you want?

I would want to be an astronaut.

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