Brock Larson Wants To Go Down Fighting

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Brock Larson ripped off twelve wins to start his career before losing to Jon Fitch. He won another nine before being submitted by Carlos Condit. Larson was on a roll again, racking up another five W’s until he was beaten by Mike Pierce at Ultimate Fight Night 19. FIGHT! caught up with Larson to find out how he plans to start another streak against Brian Foster at UFC 106.

FIGHT!: How did you get into MMA?
Brock Larson: I just started training and did jiu jitsu and had fun with it. Some guys asked me to do the fight thing, but at that time [Sean] Sherk was beating me up. I didn’t know it was a good idea since I kept getting beat up, but I tried it and ended up liking it. It’s fun as long as you’re winning.

FIGHT!: How did it feel losing to Pierce after a long winning streak?
Larson: That fight sucked. I’ve lost of course, before, but that loss sucked. That whole thing had like two runs. That fight, I never got hit in the face once. It was a bummer. If I’m going to fight and lose, I better get my butt kicked. I want to go down fighting.

FIGHT!: If you could change your strategy in the last fight, what would you do?
Larson: I would work more on the takedown. He [Pierce] never took me down initially. So I would definitely work on my offensive. You know, more on my under hooks and my shots. If the fight is boring and slow, then that’s what I got to do. I don’t want to be boring but at the same note, I shouldn’t have to worry if I’m boring or not. But sometimes the other fighter dictates that.

FIGHT!: How do you plan to win the fight against Foster at UFC 106?
Larson: I’m working on my wrestling. I don’t want to be taken down by a guy again. Its good to fight when a guy that wants to stand up a bit and Brian Foster is a stand up guy. He is a much more aggressive fighter. It will be a good fight for both of us.

FIGHT!: What’s your regimen like?
Larson: It differs – Monday, Wednesday and Fridays are my big days. I do grappling, sparing and doing a lot of cardio. Training my butt off. I actually have been training in pure wrestling with some wrestlers and did some takedowns and takedown defense.

FIGHT!: Will your family be watching your UFC 106 fight to support you?
Larson: My dad always goes to my fights and my mom doesn’t go to a live event and my brother goes to them. My wife tries to go out to the fights when she can. But she usually watches it on TV or waits for the phone call since she’s home taking care of the kids.

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