FIGHT! Doctor: Chris "Kamikaze" Cariaso

(Dr. Pete with BJ Penn, Jake Shields, and Bas Rutten. Props to

A fighter’s body is a machine geared for top performance and every machine needs regular tune-ups. Peter Goldman, DC, is one of combat sports’ best mechanics. Dr. Goldman practices a rare branch of chiropractic developed approximately 80 years ago by Dr. Thurman Fleet called Zone Healing, the goal of which is to balance the six interconnected systems of the body: circulatory, eliminative, digestive, glandular, nerve, and muscular with an emphasis on mental strength.

A black belt in Oyama full contact karate and a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu brown belt under John Machado, roughly 40% of Dr. Goldman’s practice are martial artists. Each week will check in with the man BJ Penn credits with fixing his neck and Bas Rutten believes put an end to his asthma.

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.— Chris Cariaso earned the nickname “Kamikaze” during his BMX days. He says that sport is more dangerous than MMA, but fighting brings its own share of injuries. For the last year, Dr. Peter Goldman has adjusted the fighter and addressed foot and ankle injuries, allowing for Cariaso to remain a gym rat. He recommends Dr. Goldman to his students and uses Goldman’s visualization techniques “as a big part of my training and I definitely think it meshes well with what I’m trying to accomplish.”

Cariasos most recent accomplishment is the ICSF bantamweight championship, won the same night Lyoto Machida retained his title down state at UFC 104.

“I’ve been a muay Thai fighter since I was 11-years-old. I’ve been fighting pretty much my whole life. I turned pro for muay Thai and found out there’s not much opportunity,” he said. “So I made the switch to MMA and been hooked ever since.”

A blue belt under hard-nosed Ralph Gracie, he states, “the WEC is the place to be” for bantamweight fighters and he wants to enter its ranks. As a Strikeforce veteran, given their talent exchange with lower weight-friendly Dream, he would love to fight for Strikeforce or its business partner them but “would want [Strikeforce] to start promoting a lighter weight class a little bit more and put together a better talent pool.”

No matter where he lands, “Kamikaze” knows that Dr. Pete will be there to put him back together.

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