Jiu-Jitsu Class

A beginner’s class in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu shouldn’t be intimidating. On the first day, the instructor and other students welcome newcomers with a brief explanation of BJJ, including the relevance of the uniform (gi or no-gi), belts and necessary protective gear. Following warm up exercises, students are introduced to the mat with light rolling and an explanation of the main BJJ positions, such as the closed guard and side mount. Students usually learn two or three techniques a class and, depending on their individual progress will start sparring after three or four classes.

01. Fuji Brazilian Jiu jitsu Single Weave Gi Gi or no-gi? That is the question. Made of heavy weave-type fabric and designed to stand up to the rigors of sparring and combat, traditional BJJ classes start with this traditional uniform. $68.99 www.mmawarehouse.com

02. fightdentist Custom Mouth guard A mouthguard should be used in practice as well as in the cage. Prices range from $9 to the top of the line variety pictured here, at upwards of $150. So pick one and wear it! $150.00 www.fightdentist.com

03. Venom Neo Fight SHorts For classes in which no-gi Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is taught, you should expect to wear fight shorts like these by Venom fight gear. Fight shorts are similar to surfer board shorts and are loose fi tting for greater mobility. $52.99 www.mmawarehouse.com

04. BAd Boy Grinder Rash Guard Grappling in t-shirts is cheaper, but it will give the opponent something easy to grab, stretch and rip. The rash guard prevents this while keeping sweat away from the body and helping prevent “mat rash.” $47.95 www.revgear.com

05. Compression shorts An athletic cup is a must have when rolling in BJJ class. Jaco has combined the benefits of the compression shorts, which wick sweat away from the body, and protect from mat rash, with the art of protecting the family jewels! $80.00 www.jacoclothing.com

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