Ask Thiago

We figured we’d step away from our editorial duties for a bit to let you guys ask some of the biggest stars in MMA the questions you want answered. Inquiring minds submitted questions for Thiago Alves at the Champion Nutrition booth at the UFC 100 Fan Expo. After sifting through the pile, we found a ton of really interesting (below), bad (we’re not gonna ask him his shoe size, Theresa from Spokane, dirty girl), and weird (why would you want to know what brand of toilet paper he uses Pete from Denver?) questions to throw at the Pitbull. And speaking of Pitbull…

Hey Thiago. Where did the nickname “Pitbull” come from? Jason Phoenix, AZ It was after my first amateur fight. I won the fight and was backstage going crazy. My coach just looked at me and told me that I fought like a pitbull. The nickname has been with me ever since.

You regularly cut over 20 pounds for fights. I’m trying to lose about 20 pounds myself. Any tips? Ricardo Los Angeles, CA Cut the carbs! Carbs are the devil when it comes to losing weight. Early carbs are okay, but as the day progresses, have your intake taper off.

You’re pretty yoked. What’s your basic nutritional plan so I can try and copy it? Jarrod Baton Rouge, LA First off, a lot of hard work in the gym. You can diet all you want, but you’ve gotta put in the time at the gym to get to where you want to be. My diet consists of three bigger solid meals (morning, noon, and night) with several small fillers in between (shakes, bars, etc). Frequent meals and lots of protein. As for supplementation, I use the complete line of Champion Nutrition products because they have the best stuff out there right now. My actual plan varies depending on my specific goals at the time. However, they’ve got all the products you need, so with a little research, you’ll be good to go.

I feel like my girlfriend is cheating on me. How can I find out for sure? Alex Columbus, OH There’s no way to tell for sure if she’s running around on you without catching her in the act. But if you’ve got any suspicions…run away. It’s not worth it bro. There’s plenty of women out there that don’t require the headaches.

Thiago, I’ve got three different girls that I’m seeing at the same time. However, all the sudden, one decides that she wants us to be “exclusive.” All three of the girls are hot but this girl is probably the coolest of the three. I’m only 19 and my friends say I should just play the field. WWTD? Daniel San Antonio, TX Sounds like I should visit San Antonio! Seriously, just play the field man. Live the life. You’re only 19, so you’ve got a long time for relationships. Pimpin’ ain’t easy, but somebody’s gotta do it!

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