Ask Hector

Ask the wrong question and Hector Lombard will judo throw you on your head. He’s been tossing people around since he was 10-years-old and his natural punching power has earned him 11 of 21 wins via (T)KO, so you don’t want to misstep in front of the no-nonsense fighter. Luckily FIGHT! readers know not to accidentally foot stomp the American Top Team standout with their questions. One of the very few fighters to find– legal–fights in Australia, the Cuban judoka gladly dug into his international experience to answer FIGHT! mail in between polishing his new Bellator 185-pound tournament strap. It’s good to have gold.

What was it like to win three times in three months and come out a champion? Randall, Las Vegas, NV

It feels good, bro. I’m very happy but I want more. I want to keep winning. I was very happy, very happy to win the Bellator tournament ‘cause it’s a dream come true.

How did you stay injury free and keep up your cardio with three bouts in such a short period of time? Brandon El Paso, TX

Champion Nutrition products. I take the protein. Let’s put it this way, if they have something, Champion Nutrition, I take it. Where there’s a lot of supplements out there, I only take Champion.

You haven’t lost in three years. The last time was against Gegard Mouasi. Do you want revenge? Mark Poughkeepsie, NY

Since my last loss, I dedicate myself even more. I took the sport more seriously because before I used to walk through this sport like, ‘you know,’ but now I take the sport like really seriously and that’s my main thing. He doesn’t want to go to 185, but for me to make the fight happen, I would go to 205.

What’s it like training with the best teams in the world at American Top Team? Damon Miami, Florida

Before American Top Team, my training wasn’t that good. But now I have training partners, conditioning coach, everything is better. Can’t complain. Before, most of the time, I’d train by myself. I used to go running, I’d hit the bags, stuff like that. It was very difficult for me to find training partners in Australia.

As a native Cuban, given the changing political landscape in Cuba, if their policies and practices change, would you fight in your homeland? Oswaldo Miami, FL

Yeah for sure, if things change, I would love to fight there, why not?

How did you like fighting in Pride? Now that the biggest show in the world is gone, will you fight in the UFC? Rob F. San Francisco, CA

Well, I always wanted to fight in big shows. I was fighting in Pride—I was pretty excited at the time. I always wanted to fight in UFC ‘cause it’s been around forever, you know. It’s like king of the shows.

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