Jacquelyn Payne

So, uh, pretty much single?

Ya, I mean. I’m single but dating. I have men in my life, but I seem to pick the wrong ones.

How does one become the right one?

Someone that is confi dent, but not cocky. There’s a fi ne line there. I like someone who is motivated but not threatened by another strong, motivated person. And a sense of humor. You have to make me laugh. I know it sounds so cliché, but its very true.

What do you do there in Baltimore?

Well, I’m graduating college at the end of the year in television production. I bartend and do some modeling stuff here and there. Also, me and some people from school are looking to make a documentary on MMA.

Do tell.

We want to do a piece on everything about the fi ghters. How much training is involved. How it is much more than just fi ghting. Their backgrounds. Inside their lives. Let the fans know what truly goes on.

We hear you did quite a bit of traveling when you were modeling full time?

Yes, I had to scale down the modeling quite a bit when in order to fi nish school. But when I was really going at it, I traveled all over the country and even the world. I traveled to Greece to do a shoot and actually ended up living over there for a while. I lived in New York City before coming back to Maryland. I met all kinds of great people and it was a very fun, rewarding experience. Modeling certainly helped me with how I felt about myself as well. I know some models have confi dence issues and say modeling was bad for them, but it was quite the opposite for me. It did wonders for my self confi dence.

What else keeps you busy?

I’m really into cars. I spend a lot of time fi xing up and working on cars. It’s like an obsession. Also, I’ve got fi ve horses, well, four and a mini. I do all the stuff that you’ve seen on TV. I clean the stalls, turn them out, give them their hay, whatever.

Nobody that looks like you should shovel shit!

I just throw on my muck boots and headphones and rock out while I’m shoveling.

When you’re not in much boots, are you more jeans and T or Prada?

It depends on the event. But I’m certainly more comfortable in a sexy pair of jeans and a T. I think the person exudes sexiness more than the clothes.

Who is your favorite fi ghter?

I really like Chuck Liddell and Randy Couture. I used to like Tito, but not so much anymore.

Aww, Ortiz is like Jello, there’s always room for Tito. Man, that was awful. Anyway, thanks for the time Jacqueline and we’ll be looking forward to that documentary.

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