Fight! Across America

My search for the best fi ghts in all of the land brought me to Chi-town. I came to see the perennial showman, Shonie Carter, headline an action-packed fi ght card for PRIMETIME FC. Jacob Stahler, founder and president, called his fi rst event “Inception,” but I think he should have titled it “Mayhem” because it is the only word that I can think of to describe the night.

For a fi rst event, Jacob did very well — this is the most entertaining card that I have ever seen. The show was a little rough around the edges, but the professionalism that Jacob and his staff maintained was unmatched. As for the actual card, only a few in my lifetime could have compared to it.

Check this out … the fi rst fi ght was over before it started. I blame Tito Ortiz for this. Before the fi ght, one of the fi ghters entered the ring and tried to do his rendition of Tito’s warm-up jump. The problem was, he is not Tito — and he blew out his knee when he landed.

Up next was what I considered to be the fi ght of the night between Jon Murphy and Jeremy Ashley. This battle went the distance — it was back and forth the entire time, and these guys threw bombs, transitioned well on the ground, and left their hearts in the cage.

Jason Guida was Jon Murphy’s cornerman; and although his fi ghter had an amazing fi ght, Jason stole a lot of the attention. When the referee stood up the fi ghters for inactivity, Jon was struck with a knee following the stand-up. Jason didn’t agree and proceeded to start a fi ght with the ref, Jacob, and Jacob’s father.

Unfortunately, Jason was not kicked out of the event. This took a lot of the luster from Jon Murphy’s amazing battle and put it on Jason. Jacob handled the situation with professionalism where most others would not have.

Finally, we moved on to the main event. Shonie Carter entered the ring wearing a fl oral print Speedo and was accompanied by his infamous female entourage. Once the action began, Shonie controlled the entire fi ght and pulled off some amazing moves, such as a perfect belly-to-back suplex. Shonie got the victory and ended the night in an exciting fashion. All in all, this was an amazing card with a ton of fi reworks.

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