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Erin Hansen

Age: 30
Height: 5’7”
Hometown: Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada
Favorite Fighter: Anderson Silva
On the Web:

Erin HansenWhat got you interested in MMA?

Rich Franklin. He is the reason i started watching it. i think most girls would agree! But now my favorite fighter is Anderson Silva. He is Amazing!

What was is like growing up in a small town in Canada?

I love being from a small town because everyone knows everyone and we look after each other like family. We’ve also got great schools, really friendly people, and very little crime.

What’s your best feature?

I’ve been told my eyes. They are ice ice blue from my Swedish / Icelandic background!

Why do you want to be a FIGHT! Girl?

I love MMA, it’s the fastest growing sport in the world and I would love to represent FIGHT! I consider myself a very nice, genuine and honest person, and I get along with almost everyone I meet. You’ll rarely catch me without a smile on my face!

Nationwide FIGHT! Girl Search.

It’s back! FIGHT! Magazine is once again seeking undiscovered beautiful young ladies to feature in the magazine. Each issue in 2012, FIGHT! will feature a new nominee for our readers to fall in love with. At the conclusion of the contest, you, the fans, will vote on as to who will become the 2012 FIGHT! Girl. The winner will receive a photoshoot and 5 page feature spread in the pages of FIGHT! Are you a diehard MMA fan? Are you at least 21 years of age? Do you have the personality and looks to compete with the UFC’s best ring girls? Then send us your photos and a brief bio to: Please visit the website for more details, and good luck!

*Must be 21 years of age by February 1, 2012. All applications should be sent to FightGirlSearch@FightMagazine. com and contain a brief bio and sample photographs.

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