MMA 101

Hip-out escape from guard with options.

This month, UFC veteren and Nova União jiu-jitsu black belt Diego Saraiva, and current UFC featherweight Raphael Assuncao, demonstrate an option escape from the bottom with corresponding counter-attacks for each.


1. From guard, Raphael establishes an overhook on Diego, and he begins to shift his hips to the outside. Raphael places his hand on Diego’s shoulder and pushes away to create space for the escape.

OPTION A – Opponent posts.

2a. As Raphael pushes on Diego’s shoulder, Diego posts up to regain his base, creating an opening.

3a. Having created space, Raphael places his right elbow on the mat, out of Diego’s reach.

4a. As he pushes up onto his right hand, Raphael opens his guard and uses his left leg for support.

5a. While maintaining downward pressure with the overhook, Raphael slides his right leg free.

6a. With his right arm, Raphael reaches under Diego’s neck to lock on an arm-in guillotine.

7a. Raphael sits to his right side and arches his back, while throwing his left leg over Diego’s back. Raphael forces Diego’s forehead to the mat and applies downward pressure with his right shoulder, while cranking Diego’s neck to force the tap.

OPTION B – Opponent grabs leg.

2b. In this instance, Raphael pushes to create space, but Diego clings tightly to Raphael’s leg.

3b. Raphael extends his right arm out of Diego’s reach, as he begins to rotate his hips up and over Diego.

4b. Raphael digs his overhook deep and begins to sweep with his right leg while stepping over the top with his left leg.

5b. Once Diego begins to turn to his back, Raphael releases the overhook and steps all the way over with his left leg,

6b. As Raphael sits to his butt, he begins to secure Diego’s right arm under his armpit, while posting on his own right arm.

7b. Raphael steps over Diego’s head with his left leg and sits back, securing the armbar and forcing the tapout.

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