2010 Holiday Gift Guide

Boyz In The Hoodies 

1. Silver Star: Measure Wear it if: You are looking to cut a little weight before the big tournament. Most likely seen on a high school wrestler.



2.TapouT: Corruption Wear it if: You want to look good while shoveling the driveway this winter. Most likely seen on a working man.



3. Hayabusa: Uwagi Wear it if: You think that gis are too comfortable just to be worn at the dojo. Most likely seen on a sensei.



4. FORM: Knuckle Wear it if: You like watching cartoons from the 1980s and eating Skittles Most likely seen on a graffiti artist.



5. Affliction: No Lie Wear it if: You like extra pockets and enjoy the artwork of Leonardo da Vinci. Most likely seen on a made man.


Get Your Life In Gear 

1. Twins Head Guard Protect your dome, not to mention your cheeks, chin, and nose.



2. Twins Focus Mits Focus your punching anger on these durable mits.



3. Jaco Gym Bag This bag converts from an oversized backpack to a full-sized duffle.



4. Twins Sparring Gloves Hit the heavy bag or your sparring partner in comfort.



5. Hayabusa MMA Gloves These gloves are tough enough for both training and fighting.



6. Jaco Vale Tudo Shorts Bold men wear man panties. Are you bold enough?



7. Twins Belly Protector No one wants to be punched in the stomach after lunch. Protect your tummy.



8. Everlast MMA Sparring Gloves These 7oz. gloves have a little more padding that regulation gloves.



9. Everlast Grappling Dummy Feel free to take all of your aggression out on this dummy.



10. Twins Thai Pads These pads are much safer to kick than banana trees.



11. Everlast Training Gloves Train like a tough guy during your next sparring session.



12. Twins Shin/Instep Guards Kick someone without the guilt of knocking their teeth out.



13. Everlast Shin/Instep Guard Kick someone without the guilt of breaking their nose.



14. Perfect Pushup Mobile This mobile unit is perfect for overnight trips or to keep in your desk at the office.



15. Burn Machine Speed Bag Feel the burn of the speed bag without going to the gym.


16. Burn Machine Barbell This baby combines the versatility of the dumbbell with the stability of the barbell.



17. Title Fang Mouthguard Protect those pearly whites with Poly Shok superiority.



18. TKO Workout System Get a full-body workout without leaving the comfort of your home.


What Sup


NO2 Black: $84.99
WAR Recovery: $64.99
Black Powder Pre-Workout: $37.99
CE2 Creatine: $51.99
Package Deals Available ($122.97 and up)


Thermo Triplex: $64.99
Hyperplex Protein: $44.99
Nitroplex-6: $59.99
NO Nitroplex: $64.99


Six Star
Pre-Workout Ignition: $ check web
NO Fury Pre-Workout: $19.99
AminoMax: $ check web
Casein Protein: $ check web
Whey Isolate: $ check web
Muscle Building Shake: $19.99
Whey Protein: $18.99


Cell-Tech Creatine: $79.99
naNO Vapor Pre-Workout: $66.99
Nitro-Tech Protein: $79.99


Creatine Monohydrate: $24.99
Pure Whey: $29.99
Beta Alanine Extreme: $39.99
Package Deals Available ($80.72)


Syntha-6 Protein Shake (12 pack): $45.48


FoodFight Dietary Supplement: $39.95


AllMaxVitaStack Vitamin
Packs: $29.99


One-Two Punches


1. Hit the Town Tapout: Honor Eagle Thermal


Affliction: 11 Mirror Rinse Denim


Wear it if: You are about to head to the local watering hole, throw back a few brews, eat some nachos, and watch the fights on pay-per-view.


2. Hit the Trail Tokyo Five: Japan Thermal


Tokyo Five: Respect Jeans


Wear it if: You are ready to throw down a blanket, pop a bottle of bubbly, and watch the fireworks on New Year’s Eve with your special lady friend.


3. Hit the Gym Silver Star: Sanctuary Thermal


Remetee: Vincent Denim


Wear it if: You are going to the gym. There are tons of hot chicks at the gym, and you want to look good going in and leaving. Only married guys wear gym shorts to the gym.


4. Chick It Out Remetee: Locket Tee


Affliction: Opium Leather Jacket


Wear it if: You have a kicking body and want to turn a few heads at the next UFC event…and you’re a chick.


Time Keeps On Tickin’


Oakley 12 Gauge


Buy it if: You are gung-ho to the core. You have to jump out of an airplane with your hair on fire just to wake up in the morning, and stepping in the cage barely gets your heart rate up.
Most likely seen on someone like: Chris Leben.


Nixon District


Buy it if: You are strictly business. You like clean lines with a squared-off, masculine edge. You are conservative but with enough trendy flair to still yell, “Hey, over here.”
Most likely seen on someone like: Chael Sonnen.


Polar FT-80


Buy it if: You are a number-crunching data nerd who has a working understanding of the significance of lactate threshold. You are looking to tweak your cardio to get that extra 2% that will give you an edge.
Most likely seen on someone like: Georges St-Pierre.


Equipe Dash


Buy it if: You are a fan of classic cars from the 1960s. You think factory exhaust systems are for pansies, and you drink your vodka with high octane fuel instead of OJ. You grunt in approval every time you see a new paint job, and you have more than one car named after an ex-girlfriend.
Most likely seen on someone like: Clay Guida.


TapouT Mercenary


Buy it if: You are lo
ud and proud and don’t give a sh*t who knows it. You wear your heart on your sleeve, and you like big faced watches on your wrist. You probably have a bunch of badass tattoos and very possibly a mohawk. (And if you don’t have a mohawk, you would totally get one). Most likely seen on someone like: Dan Hardy.


Diesel Digital DZ7164


Buy it if: You like understated, functional, forward looking designs, and you know the best Star Wars movie was clearly The Empire Strikes Back. You are probably a badass Jiu-Jitsu practitioner that applies this same outlook in the creation of new moves and strategies on the mat. Most likely seen on someone like: Dave Camarillo.


It’s T-Shirt Time


1. SilverStar: Electric Guida


Buy it if: You want an athletic fit with a splash of color, and you like skulls that have crazy Clay Guida hair.


2. RVCA: Check Is in the Mail


Buy It If: Like Jack Burton, you know it’s all in the reflexes.


3. TapouT: Bobby Lashley Storm


Buy it if: Lightning turns you on, and you want to make sure the whole world knows that you love TapouT.


4. Ranger Up: Body Armor


Buy it if: You are afraid that an Army Ranger will shoot you with a sniper rifle from 1500 meters if you don’t.


5. Jaco: Wand Fight Team


Buy it if: Your girlfriend enjoys the touch of a super soft shirt while staring into the eyes of an Axe Murderer.


6. Remetee: Onyx


Buy it if: Your parents don’t think you are religious enough.


7. Hayabusa: Fujin/Raijin


Buy it if: Your parents think you are too religious.


8. FORM: Crest


Buy it if: You want to be just like Urijah Faber…abs and all.


9. Affliction: Side Swipe


Buy it if: You want to show off a little man-cleavage with the v-neck.

Happy Feet


Vibram Five Fingers: KSO


Free your feet from the bondage of traditional shoes with these award winning “shoeless” shoes from Vibram. Lots of athletes are shunning the confines of regular shoes in the belief that a few million years of evolution trumps modern technology. Strap these babies on your feet around the house, office or gym and join the barefoot revolution.


La Sportiva: Crosslite


A Runner’s World Best Buy trail running shoe, the Crosslite provides everything you need for hill sprints outside of the gym. Wide spaced lugs housed in a lightweight upper will have you bounding up even the toughest offroad trails in no time. The fact that they look damn cool doesn’t hurt either.


K-SWISS: Tubes


Looking for an all-around do-everything running and cross training shoe? Look no further than K-Swiss Tubes 100 Run. A couple pairs of these bad boys have come through the office and have received rave reviews from those lucky enough to snag a pair. Tubes technology and a k-EVA midsole keep your puppies in cushy comfort no matter how many box jumps or sprints you plan on doing.


Nike: AirMax


If you prefer old school roadwork to bump up your cardio, Nike’s Airmax running shoes with Flywire technology will set you up right. Like cables on a suspension bridge, Nike’s flywire construction creates a super strong but flexible upper that will help you crush pavement like Cain Velasquez crushes faces.

Stocking Stuffers




This timer allows you to focus on your workout, from two seconds to 99 minutes. Best of all, it fits in your pocket.


UFC Action Figures


Haven’t you always wanted your very own GSP? He’s pretty dreamy, but he’s no Frank Mir.


Jaco Guardian Mouthguard


This dual-tray mouthguard has an active airway to allow you to breath and speak while your mouth is closed.


Skullcandy GI Habitat Rasta Headphones


These phones feature enhanced audio drivers, DJ articulation, soft leather ear pillows, and a bottle opener in the travel pouch.


The Pit Workout


John Hackleman’s Pit Workout features six DVDs, and you get a free subscription to FIGHT! Magazine.


Zero Tolerance 0350 Black Folding Knife


This stainless steel blade will cut through anything within reach.


EA Sports MMA


If you’re looking for Fedor, you just found him.


UFC Undisputed 2010


So you want to be a fighter? Step into the Octagon.

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