The Iceman's Greatest Hits

7. UFC 31, MAY 4, 2001
Kevin “The Monster” Randleman
KO: Round 1, 1:18


Randleman was a two-time Division I NCAA Wrestling Champion and former UFC Heavyweight Champion who decided to drop down to light heavyweight to face Liddell. Bad idea. The Iceman staggered Randleman with a crisp left hook in the first round and followed it up with a right-left combo that halted the bout.


Alistair “Demolition Man” Overeem
KO: Round 1, 3:09


After surviving an opening barrage from Overeem, Liddell utilized his grappling skills to secure a takedown and soften up “The Demolition Man” with a few knees to the head (PRIDE rules). Overeem managed to get back to his feet and assault Liddell once more, only to eat a huge overhand right from The Iceman, who quickly followed it up with multiple combos that dropped the Dutchman like a sack of potatoes.


5. UFC 47, APRIL 2, 2004
Tito “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” Ortiz
KO: Round 2, 0:38


With number-one contender status in the light heavyweight division on the line, Liddell and Ortiz finally met in the cage after years of Ortiz giving Liddell the runaround. The first round was uneventful as both men were content to feel each other out. However, seconds into the second round, The Iceman threw a flurry of punches that rocked Ortiz to the ground and stopped the bout.


4. UFC 52, APRIL 16, 2005
Randy “The Natural”Couture
KO: Round 1, 2:06


With the Light Heavyweight Title on the line, Liddell looked to avenge his UFC 43 loss to Couture. The Iceman used great footwork to avoid Couture’s clinch for most of the round. After catching The Natural with a left hook, followed by a quick barrage of punches by both men, Liddell found his mark with a devastating right to the jaw that KO’d Couture. It was a career-defining victory for Liddell, who finally earned the Light Heavyweight Title after years of being the number-one contender.


3. UFC 54, AUGUST 25, 2005
Jeremy “Gumby” HornT
KO: Round 4, 2:46


This rematch was all Liddell, as he dropped Horn twice in the first round, once in the second round, and a final time in the fourth. Horn informed referee John McCarthy that he could no longer see out of his two busted eyes, earning The Iceman a TKO stoppage. With the victory, Liddell successfully defended his title for the first time and avenged his first loss in the Octagon to Horn in 1999.


2. UFC 57, FEBRUARY 4, 2006
Randy “The Natural” Couture
KO: Round 2, 1:28


In the second round of their rubber match, Liddell connected with a short right that felled Couture to the mat. Liddell instantly pounced and delivered a series of follow-up blows until the end was called. The Iceman avenged his loss to Couture a second time, decisively winning the trilogy between the two champs.


1. UFC 79, DECEMBER 29, 2007
Wanderlei “The Axe Murderer”Silva
Unanimous Decision: Round 3, 5:0


A highly anticipated bout that frustrated fans had waited years to see, Liddell vs. Silva did not disappoint. The long overdue super fight was one of the most exciting barnburner sever as both men slugged it out, connecting numerous times. In the end, Liddell cemented his legacy with a unanimous decision victory. It would be Liddell’s last win inside the Octagon.

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