Bring Me the Horizon Likes Mac Danzig Because He's Vegan


Bring Me The Horizon is a British metalcore wrecking machine that will hit the States this summer for the 2010 Warped Tour. In addition to penning a new album set for release later this season, the group’s guitarist, Jona Weinohofen, is an MMA fanatic. The six-string juggernaut is high on vegans and former light heavyweight champions, and not so much on Michael Bisping and bands who care more about their next pair of tight jeans than athletic ability.

FIGHT! Magazine: Who are some of your favorite fighters?
Jona Weinhofen:
I personally like Mac Danzig because he’s vegan. I’ve been vegan for 11 years and he is pretty inspirational and showing people that a vegan diet doesn’t necessarily handicap someone from becoming an elite physical athlete and topnotch fighter. I also enjoy Chuck Liddell, and love how he seems to be involved and into a lot of heavy music.

FIGHT!: Do you like Michael Bisping, or do you find him annoying like a lot of American fans seem to?
Well I obviously don’t know the guy, and I hope he doesn’t read this because he will kick my ass all over the place, but his voice and personality does seem a bit irritating. Having said that, he’s an awesome striker and you can’t really argue with that.

FIGHT!: Have you ever attended any shows or met any of these fighters?
I’m yet to attend an actual live fight, however, I’m looking forward to my first one! The closest I came to meeting a fighter was seeing a picture of Chuck Liddell wearing one of my former bands t-shirts! That was pretty mind blowing.

FIGHT!: Do any of you guys train in any of the martial arts? Like Karate, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing or Muy Thai?
I have a strong interest in jiu-jitsu, however, I haven’t found much time to train lately. My best friend, AJ Albert, trains with Cleber [Luciano] at his gym in Orange County and AJ taught me pretty much everything I know so far. I love that it’s a martial art, which could allow even myself – who is not the strongest or best fighter – to win a fight by exploiting somebody else’s body’s weaknesses!

FIGHT!: Bring Me The Horizon is on this years Warped Tour, but the festival is usually loaded with punk and pop punk bands. I’ve spoken to a few punk bands and they’re into the UFC, whereas a bunch of pop punk groups are kinda turned off to it. Why do you think that is?
Maybe because true punk rockers are used to fighting and scrapping, and standing up for what they believe in. Pop punk is just a pussy version of real punk without the real angst and driving force behind it. Pop punk is a way to make money and get famous from playing watered down ‘punk’ sounding pop music. I think most of those dudes are probably more interested in what jeans to buy than real athleticism.

FIGHT!: In the past, AAA wrestling was showcased during Warped Tour. There is even a skate ramp on every festival. Do you ever see the UFC, Strikeforce or any sort of fight promotion appear at Warped?
Honestly, I could see something like this happening, however, I think UFC showcased fights would probably be better suited to a more extreme tour like the Rockstar Mayhem Tour.

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