The Panzer Rolls On; Krauss Crowned New Cage Warriors Champion

(Krauss dominates from top position en route to victory. Photo by Dan Holmes)

Much like his moniker, Pascal “Panzer” Krauss has been an unstoppable force in his MMA career, ploughing through all nine of his opponents in a relentless fashion that has never seen a foe make it past the second round. His performances have been solid and workmanlike and his dominance continued this weekend at Cage Warriors: Right to Fight. John Quinn, of Scotland’s most successful MMA team ‘Dinky Ninjas’, also entered with an unblemished 8-0 record with all of his victories coming before the time. “Panzer” continued his assault regardless and never looked in trouble despite the quality of opposition.

“It feels good!” Krauss exclaimed to FIGHT! after the bout. “I feel happy I got a new belt. It’s my first time as a champion for a big organisation like Cage Warriors. I’m really happy right now.”

Unable to subdue his enthusiasm, Krauss continued,

“I didn’t know much about him [Quinn], but I knew that he had more victories by submission. I started standing up with him and I clinched with him, then I felt I could take him down and control him there so that’s what I did.”

This control saw him dictate the proceedings in the latter half of the first round, coming close to ending the bout with heavy ground and pound, but Quinn’s spirit shone through and he managed to hold on. As the second round got underway though, it became apparent that Krauss was to be the dominant force. Continuing to use his ground assault to subdue the Scotsman, Krauss eventually found a way to sink in the fight-ending choke and take the belt. Picking up arguably the most prestigious victory of his career, where does the young German go from here?

“I don’t know if I belong there [the Euro top ten] right now,” the humble twenty-three year old noted. “My goal is to get in there one day but I’m not thinking about that right now. I have this belt. My management organise the fights for me. I just want to carry on winning, become popular and one day fight for the UFC.”

With the organisation heading to his homeland last year, it could have been a positive step for the German MMA scene but circumstances have since changed and now Krauss feels like his war for recognition will have to be waged elsewhere. “The problem in Germany is that it [MMA] is not that popular and right now we have some problems because television has banned it so it’s not allowed to show MMA anymore, so that wouldn’t be good for the UFC to come back.

“Hopefully it will grow and grow so I become more popular over there,” he laughed. “Right now my goal is to carry on outside there in places like the UK where the sport is more popular and bigger.”

He certainly made an impression in his first visit to English soil and the Cage Warriors faithful would no doubt eagerly anticipate his return. Krauss echoed these sentiments and noted that he couldn’t wait to return and defend the belt, previously held by UFC title contender Dan Hardy. Following in “The Outlaw’s” footsteps is also in his crosshairs.

“It’s my first time in England. I’d love to come back and defend this title and one day, hopefully, you’ll see me in the States fighting for the UFC.”

Pay attention to the name; Pascal Krauss has been making an impact and shows no signs of slowing down. The talented Grappling Arts fighter will continue his ascent and, whilst doing so, the big shows will be watching.

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