Nick Thompson: I'm the Present

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Nick Thompson has accomplished more before the age of 30 than most people will achieve in their entire lives. But it’s not because he’s a genius, or a super-athlete.

“I’ve always excelled just by outworking everyone else,” said Nick Thompson. “I’ve always loved athletics, but I’m not that athletic of a person…I wrestled in college and I really liked the fact that hard work pays off.”

It’s paid off in the form of a professional record of 38-11-1, two bachelor’s degrees and a law degree by the age of 28. And although Thompson was brought up in households of high achievers – his father was a chemist, his mother an attorney, his stepfather and stepmother a judge and executive, respectively – he thinks the source of his own work ethic is simpler than that.

“I get joy from trying to overcome physical challenges,” Thompson said. “More than anything, it’s probably just a love of competition. Even just shooting hoops with my dad when I was little, I always remember him never letting me win and us trying to beat each other. We were both very competitive.”

Fans can expect the same undiscriminating competitiveness from Thompson on Sept. 23 when he takes on rising welterweight and personal friend Dan Hornbuckle at Sengoku 10 in Tokyo, Japan. “Fighters like [Hornbuckle] are the future of the sport…but it’s not the future right now, it’s the present. And I’m the present.”

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