Drew Dober: FIGHT!'s Full Time Fighter (Day Five)


Drew Dober won FIGHT! Magazine’s Full Time Fighter contest. The prize package included training gear from Jaco and MMAWarehouse, a week of training with Shawn Tompkins at Xtreme Couture in Las Vegas, Nev., and cash to blow on slots and “exotic dancers.” We’ll be keeping up with him all week to let you know about his experience as a full time fighter.

Day Five:

7:30 a.m. – People from home wake me up with texts haha and I can’t get back to sleep. So I get up and make myself a protein shake

9 a.m. – I arrive at the gym and I put my gear on wondering if my legs with be able to take anymore sparring. Thank god Shawn wanted to do a weight workout. So we start with 3 round of stairs, up and down for 5 minutes every round. Then we worked basic bench, rows, and curls.

10 a.m. – Shawn and I get done with the weights and he tells me to get my gloves on. Shawn holds pads for me and works on my timing and technique. We do 3×5 minute rounds just working on boxing. I need to use my back foot more, pull my right shoulder back on my crosses, and stay relaxed and work on my timing. After that was all over my workout was done so I just sit and relax and talk to some fighters. Today I am getting more acknowledgment from the other fighters. Tyson Griffin told me I had my pants tucked in my sock on accident, haha. Gray Maynard and I talked about weight cutting and size.

12 p.m. – I convince Shawn that we need to get some Chipotle so after everyone was done with their workouts we went out and got some burritos.

1 p.m. – Just eating the burrito and putting icy hot on my legs. Well not at the same time, lol, that would be no good. Getting ready for pro practice and working up the courage. Today is big gloves day!

4 p.m. – After a nap I wake up and head to practice still pretty groggy. We start off with shadow boxing and some crunches. Then we put our bag gloves on and did 3×5 minute rounds on the heavy bag going back and forth between offensive and defensive. Then we geared up and started sparring. I sparred with Sam Stout, War Machine, Mark Hominick, Mike Dezak, and Julio. I’ve started to notice that the fighters are starting to acknowledge the fact that I am there. So it goes to show that if you make it through Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday then they will respect you a little more. During sparring I felt good, still getting my butt kicked but I feel more comfortable.

6 p.m. – Pro practice is over and I just kinda wander around talking to people.

7 p.m. – We all go out on the strip and have some dinner at the Cheese Cake Factory.

9 p.m. – We head home and I pretty much crash haha.

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