Frank Mir: The Abyss Stares Back

Frank Mir had an accident.

Everyone knows about it; it’s old hat. When I ask Frank about it, I can see his eyes roll back in his head with boredom. “Another idiot with a pencil,” I can hear him think. He knows he has to talk about it. It’s an integral part of his story, the elephant in the room. He’s going to be talking about that damn accident for the rest of his life. He gives me a tired grin. Frank is a big friendly guy, with a cherubic face and massive, veined hands that belie his boyishness.

FIGHT! is digging into the archives to celebrate UFC 100. Go here to read the rest of Sam Sheridan’s December 2008 cover story, and check out FIGHT!’s photos of Frank. Mir is scheduled to face fellow UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar in a title unification bout at UFC 100 on July 11. Go here for more Mir, and click here for more on Lesnar.

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