Brock Lesnar's Question Mark

“There’s a huge question mark put on my back,” Lesnar acknowledges. “I think this next fight will prove exactly where I’m going to go in this sport. My first fight, I won in a minute and nine seconds and the guy was, you know, not the best of the opponents. Now we’re up against a guy such as Frank Mir, to really test Brock Lesnar and see what he’s got. “I’ve had a good reaction from people and they’re very excited to see what I can do.”

FIGHT! is digging into our archives to celebrate UFC 100. Click here to read the rest of Neil Davidson’s February 2008 cover story and go here to check out FIGHT!’s Brock Lesnar photo gallery. Lesnar is scheduled to face fellow heavyweight champ Mir in a title unification bout at UFC 100 on July 11. Click here for more Mir.

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