Refine your triangle choke with the "Sassanlge"

Along with Ronda Rousey’s armbar and Rousimar Palhares’ heel hook, Paul Sass’ leg triangle is one of the most feared fight finishers in MMA. Of the UFC lightweight’s 12 wins, eight have come via leg triangle. With the help of Team Kaobon teammate Darren Till, Sass shows FIGHT! readers how to get the fight to the canvas and lock on his lethal submission that’s been dubbed the “Sassangle.”

MMA 101

1) With my left hand, I secure a collar tie, which is very common if my opponent and I are jockeying for position against the cage.

2) I secure the Thai clinch using my right arm. I pull Darren’s head down and toward my shoulder.

3) While pulling Darren in, I deliver a hard right knee.

4) I plant my right leg back on the ground. I can choose to deliver a few more knees or pull guard when Darren relaxes.

5) I jump to guard. I continue pulling Darren’s head with the Thai clinch, making it very difficult for him to carry my weight.

6) I force Darren to the mat and maintain full guard with head pressure.

7) Still controlling Darren’s head with my right hand, I begin sliding to my left hip. At the same, time I start controlling Darren’s left arm with an inside biceps tie.

8) After establishing wrist control with my left hand, I bring my left shin to Darren’s right bicep. I’m still controlling his head.

(reverse angle) I release my leg scissors and use my right leg to push on Darren’s left thigh to keep my balance and create a better angle.

9) I attack by bringing my left leg inside Darren’s right arm and lock my legs in a figure four.

10) I maintain downward head pressure and curt my legs to keep Darren’s posture broken.

11) To put the finishing touches on the Sassangle, I reach under Darren’s arm and pull myself perpendicular to him. My ankle is now behind my knee. I squeeze everything downward very tightly and wait for the tap.

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